3rd October 2012

The Oddest Lipstick in my Collection

By Get Lippie

 This little monolith looks fairly innocuous, no? Well, it’s one of the oddest, and most expensive, makeup products I own.  It’s actually a Serge Lutens Water Lip Colour, and when it turned up in a goody bag at a Serge Lutens fragrance launch, I was about as excited as I could be.  I thought there were only two shades, Chardon, a red, and Safrane, an orange, and I wondered which shade I would get.

I was wrong, by the way, there are three shades.  Number three is Indian Ink.  A black. Guess which one I got?

Yeah, you got there ahead of me, didn’t you?  A black lipstain.

I love the applicator, it looks like some kind of exotic sea-creature from the depths, it’s rather cool. And, surprisingly, it really helps with the application, being easy to get into all your lip crevices.

However, it’s black.  Well, grey, rather:

It’s actually oddly useable, you can use it to stain your lips darker, to give a different dimension to lipshades that need darkening, or you can use it to fake bruises:

What’s the oddest thing in your makeup collection?

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