3rd June 2013

Time for a new do …

By Get Lippie

It’s summer.  Allegedly.  And it’s time for a hair cut.  I remain, as ever, terrified of getting my hair cut, in spite of a) being very good friends with one of the best colourists in the UK (aka Jack Howard) and b) being a regular member of the Creative Head Most Wanted Awards judging panel for the last four years!  

As a result, I haven’t had my hair cut in eight months (I had to get it cut before it was permed last year), and I’m sick of the sight of it.  It is far, far, far too long.  Whilst it looked good at my wedding:

And can look good at other times too:

But mostly it’s just tied up.  Out of the way.

There is, frankly, TOO MUCH HAIR, and I’m bored with it. I’ll not mention that it is currently dryer than the bloody Kalahari too… There’s four more months growth since these pics were taken, too …

So, I’m going for the big chop tomorrow.  I’ve booked myself in with the lovely Darren at Webster Whiteman and I’ve been playing with some celeb pics on my Pinterest and Instagram, and these are my front-runner ideas so far (ignore the colours, it’s the cuts I’m interested in):


Desperate not to look mumsy … but I do need an easier to control style!  

Any styles you like?  Any of you also desperate to go for the big chop too?

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