30th July 2013

Butter London Summer 2013 Collection

By Get Lippie


Yawn.  Summer collections, eh?  Chuck in a gold, a bit of brown, a bronze, an orange, and OH! a bright blue no one in their right mind would ever wear, and VOILA! You have the summer palette of your dreams.  In eyeshadow terms, this is so overdone as to be cliché, but somehow, translate it into nail varnish instead and I’m sold.

Butter London’s summer collection manages to take the stereotypical “summer” palette, and makes it fun which is unexpected.  There’s a turquoise, platinum, a really yellow gold, a bronze glitter and an almost neon orange, all of which I really like.

Although, if someone wants to explain what “Bit Faker” actually means, I’d really appreciate it.  There’s one creme (Poole = soft turquoise), three shimmers (Champers, Marbs & Sunbaker) and one glitter.  I tried out two coats of Champers:

Which was really frosty, without being too brush-stroke-y, and I jazzed it up with a little Bit Faker on the ring finger.  Then, I very quickly got bored of it (yes, it’s nice, but … well, it’s a bit dull), and covered it all up with two coats of Bit Faker, just to see what it would look like:

I surprised myself by really liking the glitter! In fact, I liked it so much that I’ve still got it on, and I’ve not even bothered swatching the others…. 

Any favourites?
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