20th September 2013

Guest Post by Kitty at Not A Nose – Home Keratin Treatment 2

By Get Lippie

A month ago I tested this kit that I purchased on Amazon and wrote about it for Get Lippie. So how is it now?

Well, the super-straight wore off after
a week, so I’m left with hair that looks more like ‘my’ hair,
but more under control. This photo is my hair the day after I left it
to dry naturally. As you can see the wave has returned but it isn’t
as frizzy.

I’ve noticed lots of positives about
the treatment:-

  • My hair does not frizz up as
    quickly, normally the day after washing my hair just starts getting
    bigger and fuzzier

    I don’t suffer from terrible
    helmet hair after I’ve been horseriding, and I now dare return to
    the office after sneaking off for a lunchtime lesson, rather than
    having to hide my bad, sweaty hair shame at home.

  • When I can be bothered to
    straighten it, the process feels a lot quicker.

  • It seems to suffer from humidity
    based frizzing less. So I went on a drizzly night after
    straightening my hair, and it stayed straight the whole night.

Negatives of the treatment:-

  • It slightly limits your choice of
    shampoo and conditioner, as you have to avoid Sodium Chloride.

  • It takes quite a while to apply,
    but in some ways you’re spending 1.5 hours on one night to save
    you lots of little bits of time over the subsequent month.

Will I be doing this kit again? Hell
yes! (and not just because I’ve got half a jar left!) I’ve liked
having better than normal hair for a month, and I can only hope it
keeps going for another month.

You can find more writing by Kitty at http://notanose.wordpress.com/

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