8th April 2014

Sampar 3 Day Weekend

By Get Lippie

With the imminent good weather and
sunshine – it is coming, it HAS to be! – and me being an OCD freak
about not letting ANY sun on my skin WHATSOEVER (I can’t afford the
wrinkles), practically everything I put on my face has SPF.

Sampar, if you haven’t heard of them
(and I certainly hadn’t until recently) are a French skincare company. They’re available in
the mid range end of the French department stores, and they cater for
pretty much everything with their range, which is so typically French,
it’s not even funny. Bust crème anyone?

Sampar’s 3 Day Weekend is the best
selling product in their range in this country. The 3 Day Week End
Creme is designed to provide the skin with the utmost protection from
‘urban’ and UV damage by acting as a sort of shield for the skin
cells, to protect them at that level. It also works with your
natural melanin production to boost that, and thus protect from the
harmful (ageing) rays of the sun. Or UVA to you and me. 

So this
product was a challenge for me, but I have heard the ‘science’
before from another French skincare range which is INCREDIBLE so this
product definitely appealed. Despite using a high SPF normally, my
face is the normally first part of my body to tan. Years and years
of avoiding sunbathing have rendered my trunk pasty white, and no
amount of lounging in the sun will alter that sadly. But hey, from
time to time I receive that oh so British compliment of ‘oh, you’ve
caught the sun a little on your face ‘ so the promise of
‘increased melanin production after just one week of use’ and ‘a
natural hint of a tan’ was a bit of a draw for me. Especially as we
hadn’t really had that much sunshine.

Well three weeks odd into using this, I
have yet to notice this melanin production increase.

My face is still the same colour it
ever was. A light shade of blue. The panic of having to leave the
house without a conventional SPF on frankly sends me into a bit of
spin, and is beginning to make me question the efficacy of this
particular product.

Whilst brands like Instituit Esthederm
(similar principle, albeit slightly pricier) which I have used
previously, and therefore I know they
work, this one has left me a little cold. I am also slightly
concerned at the sheer quantity needed to cover, as they recommend,
the face, and neck, and top part of chest, as t is only a 50ml pot.

On the plus side, it smells rather
nice, doesn’t leave my skin feeling it needs more moisturiser (I
have extremely dry skin) and is a light texture. Sadly, I don’t
think I shall ever truly know if I am receiving the maximum benefits
of this cream, particularly in regards to sun protection, but it has
made me curious as to the rest of the range. 

Sampar 3 Day Weekend, available
at Marks & Spencer Beauty. £34



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