4th July 2014

Colbert MD Skincare

By Get Lippie

By Luke

Whenever a leading member in the field
of dermatology brings out a skincare range, more often than not it’s
a good one. This is good news, because no self respecting member of
the strict regulatory bodies that govern this particular field of
expertise (such as Dr Colbert), is going to put their name to
something that is a) bad for your skin, and b) rubbish.

Dr Colbert MD is a bit of a celebrity’s
celeb too. He designed an advanced facial that had the Hollywood
elite queuing at the door, the Tri-Facial. This gently and
effectively uses light laser abrasion, and soothing botanicals to
increase the amount of collagen in the skin, and as it has minimal
down time it fast became dubbed as ‘The Red Carpet Facial’ with
A-listers popping in to quickly get their fix before they donned a
posh frock and strutted down the carpet in front the eyes of the

Dr Colbert then got asked to produce a
serum for a celebrity whilst on a film set (where is often spending
time making sure that his clients look incredible), which he pretty
much knocked up athere and then, and has been using it ever since.
Then he made a facial oil that gave the skin not just an
extraordinary radiance that photographs beautifully, but also treats
the skin too.

From that point on, the range expanded,
there are currently nine products available in the UK, and is now a
fully comprehensive range that will knock your socks off. It did

I was asked to try the Colbert MD range
about a month ago and have been mightily impressed with the
simplicity of it. There are no complicated procedures, or multiple
products to get confused with. I have even had the chance to put
some of the products to the test when working on other human faces
than my own, and with rather excellent results.

At the core of the range is the QuSome
technology, which put simply is patented delivery system for the
active ingredients that gets them where they need to be in a stable
way and in the most effective manner possible. It does this by
encapsulating the active ingredients within an oxygen-proof ‘shell’
that makes them more potent when applied. Daily nutrition for skin,
in a pseudo ‘pill’ format? I’m in!

Without giving you a full description
of the whole range, I am going to pick the highlights.

The Balance
Purifying Cleanser, £38.

This was the first product I used.

I opened it up, and put a blob into my
hand uh oh, a gel. Generally I don’t get on well with gel
cleansers as they have a nasty tendency to be full of soap and foamy,
which leaves my skin feeling dry and at worst flaky.

This, I noticed immediately when on my
face, was a totally different texture.

It’s a soft gel that is so light you
barely feel it on the skin at all! It doesn’t foam wildly, and
certainly didn’t leave me feeling tight or dry afterwards.
Difficult for me to say how good it is at removing makeup, as I don’t
wear any, but skin was certainly squeaky clean afterwards. I have
tried it with a foundation on the back of my hand though, and it
seemed to get rid of that with no real effort.

The feeling is also slightly cooling.
I am not sure which ingredient this is, and in the recent humidity
was most welcome.

In it, there is also lactic acid (one
of my favourites) that gently exfoliates, and it has Ginko Biloba
which is a natural anti-bacterial. So it’s an all rounder this. And
the smell is just gorgeous too. A lovely light citrus scent,
naturally provided. Not artificially perfumed.

Do be sure not to hold this the wrong
way up when you take the lid off though as it has a tendency to
really pour out, when you only need a tiny little blobette. New word.
Look it up.

Stimulate The Serum,

This was next (it was bedtime).

Claiming to stimulate the collagen
production in your skin, this is a bit of an all rounder too.

What I love about this, as with most of
the line, is that it is a once a day product. Either AM or PM. Under
your moisturiser at night, or during the day, or just under your
sunscreen. Wherever you can fit it in. The action of this is in the
name also. Stimulate, it is designed to wake the skin up,
revitalising the appearance of it, brightening and all the other
things we want from healthy looking skin.

It has Caffeine, and glycolic in it,
but is ever so gentle. Anyone who is worried about the acid content
of this needn’t be as it is very gentle indeed.

The Illumino Face
Oil, £100

This, for me, is the runaway favourite

For many reason, but mainly because it
delivers INSTANT results, and the effect keeps getting better for
about half an hour after you have put it on your face.

Again using the QuSome technology,
compounded with retinol and vitamin C, this deep penetrating oil was
designed to give an almost supernatural glow to the skin, giving the
appearance of youth in al its dewiness. It has been used on red
carpet attendees for many years, as it is so effective, and really
photographs well. Makeup works superbly with it (but be careful, only
a tiny drop is needed here) either underneath as a sort of primer, or
dabbed over the top.

A nourishing treat too, it contains
Argan Oil, Passion Fruit Oil, Marula Oil, Yangu Oil, Borage Seed oil
all designed to feed and improve the quality of your skin, and boy
does it.

I used this recently when working with
some female body builders at the WBFF. The glow emanating from all
them was superb, and they all looked fantastic on stage. I would say
it would work on any skin except the very oil, spot prone types. But
dry skin will absolutely LOVE this as mine does.

There is also an Illumino Body Oil, which is of a similar composition which Dr Colbert tells us is used on all those
stunning Victoria’s Secret models for the shows to give them a
super sheen.

Tone Control Facial
Discs, £65

One of two of these sorts of affairs,
they are little textured pads which contain the product on them. The
ones I have are the Tone Control variety (as opposed to the others
which are re texturising pads, and they’re very good ones too).
Gentle enough to be used morning or evening, these contain an
ingredient called “SymWhite” which targets darker skin
pigmentation from sun damage. Designed to give a more even tone to
the skin, and diminish any visible irregularities it also has anti
inflammatory ingredients that reduce redness.

I have used these for about three
weeks, and although I don’t have any real signs of pigmentation on
my skin, my redness (which I am very conscious of) is definitely
reduced. What I like most about these is the skin conditioning that
seems to go on. Skin is very smooth, and really overmoisturised.
Although it does say to use a moisturiser afterwards, I found this is
not always necessary.

The other thing that I love about these
is the little flap that acts as a handle! You don’t get any of the
product on your hands, and it is easily put over the face without
losing your grip and dropping it on the floor! It happens!

Colbert MD is available at SpaceNK
Stores nationwide. 

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