30th July 2014

Flower Power: Ciaté Flower Manicure

By Get Lippie

By Emily

Oooooh, PRETTY! Flowers on pastel
nails! I’m hyperventilating!

So yeah, I’m easily pleased. However,
this fabulous ‘Bada Bloom!’ Flower Manicure from the geniuses at
Ciaté contains all you need to create a super-summery floral nail.
These guys have got manicure innovation nailed (sorry). It IS a bit fiddly, but the end result
is worth it, I promise.

The set contains a mini paint pot in a
pastel blue called Ferris Wheel. It’s a pretty colour but doesn’t
give great coverage. I had to use three coats to get an even finish,
which equals A LOT of drying time. Luckily Countryfile was on and it
was John Craven’s 25th anniversary, so I was enthralled
and the drying time just flew by.

Once your colour is completely dry add
a slick of the topcoat (included in the set) to one nail and with
tweezers place the dried flowers onto the wet topcoat. Push down
gently (with the tweezers) to get the flower to adhere to the topcoat
and lie as flat as possible. Repeat on each nail, placing the flowers
irregularly and mixing up the colours, until the flower fairies would
be WELL JEL.This would work really well on one or two feature nails,
but I decided to go the full hog, because, no reason.

Finally, over the top of the flowers
you apply the top-coat to seal them to the nail and add a glossy
finish. You can then file off any flower bits around the top of the
nail: I used a pair of small nail scissors to take off any larger

It is quite a long process, but totally
worth it I think. The mini-pansy flowers lie flatter on the nail but
I prefer the effect of the purple flowers, even though they are more

I don’t imagine this is very
long-lasting but for a special summer night this is a super-pretty
manicure and great value too. The set includes a mini paint pot, a
full-size top coat, two pots of flowers (I’ve got loads left),
tweezers and a basic nail file; for just £18. And that equals some
serious blooms for your buck.  

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