Eyes looking upwards
27th June 2020

Long time, no see …

By Get Lippie
Eyes looking upwards

I’ve been swearing for so long now that I was going to start writing again, that I’m actually embarrassed to see how long it has been between posts on here (not to mention realising just how much I spend on hosting something so neglected, I really must sort that out), and it has led to me feeling too self-conscious to update.

So yes, I’m embarrassed at not writing, and simultaneously far too embarrassed about it to actually write something to combat the initial embarrassment of not writing. My head, it’s a complicated place, at times.

It’s not so much that there has been nothing going on, rather the exact opposite; for example, if I started this update simply by listing only the things that have happened in the last three months, you’d think I was making it up – seriously, I’d write a book, but it’d be rejected for being unrealistic.

Anyway, all things considered, I’m actually fine! But I do have a lot to do, and not all of it is pleasant, so let’s set STUFF aside and I’ll update you on the important bits.

  1. I’m not an accountant any more! This brings me deep, deep joy. I think I might have found my calling. Communications, and change. Changing stuff up. and telling people things. Oh yes, deep, deep joy.
  2. I barely wear makeup these days, so the blog is currently a bit misnamed. That said, I did re-purchase three (count them!) different versions of Ellis Red lipstick by Ellis Faas recently, so obviously the urge is still there somewhere. *Matte, satin and the gloss, obvs
  3. Along with most of the rest of the world, I’ve been watching a lot of TV recently. So much TV! I might write more about TV. Well, it’ll make a change from me merely muttering along about it as I watch.
  4. I have a BAJILLION books in my to be read pile. I’ll probably write about them as I get through them. I’ve been working in publishing for the last year, and the irony is that I’ve been so busy I’ve had no time to read!

What else? I’ve barely worn perfume the last three months (something, something, pandemic, something, not left the house since March, something, something), so I’m going to change that up, and start reviewing again. Makeup … maybe not. I can’t be bothered with getting into the whole PR rigmarole again, so what appears here will be what interests me, and not tied to campaigns etc. It will be whatever it is.

So, there’s little to no point to this post really apart from me trying to break my not writing shame cycle. There are a million posts I’ve started which are currently stuck in my drafts, given up on before I finished, hopefully I can finish a few off.

Just as an aside; Man, I can’t wait for the hairdresser to reopen. I cut about eight inches off my own hair during lockdown, and I know for a fact that Jack Howard is going to kill me ….