Category: Skincare

26th May 2010

The Appliance of Science

“To not be afraid of one’s beauty is truly the rarest occurrence. To find it, is the most valuable gift” Words of wisdom there. I found them written on the side of a facecream I’ve just committed myself to using for the next six weeks. But more about these wise words shortly. Someone asked recently how do you know you’re trialling something properly, and how […]

27th January 2010

Organic Wednesday – Evolve

Evolve is a brand that’s only come recently to my attention, but it’s one I like, and the reason for it is fairly simple, the products are good, and they come in recyclable (and recycled) packaging.  A lot of organic brands make big claims about environmental friendliness, but I, for one, would be interested to know how many of them package their products in recycled […]

18th January 2010

Reader Request – Dry Skin Tips

 I get a couple of requests from readers now and again (Whoo! People actually read this!)  and I thought I would start answering the questions here if they’re beauty-related enough. I think everybody is suffering from dry skin to a greater or lesser degree at the moment, thanks to the dreadful weather, here’s how I deal with mine. Firstly: Exfoliate!  I’ve found, over the years, […]

10th December 2009

My current skincare regime

Don’t worry, I’m not going to subject you to pics of my skin with no makeup on – well, maybe just the odd one … What I’m using at the moment: Daily: Nude Facial Cleansing Oil – I wasn’t too sure about this at first, I’d heard so many raves about it, people seemed to really like the smell, and I found it more than […]

25th November 2009

Organic Wednesday – Elemental Herbology

A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to meet with, and have a facial from, the lovely Madhvi at Elemental Herbology, and I was delighted by the results at the time.  I was so delighted that I’ve been trying to replicate the results ever since with this little kit here. About the company: “Elemental Herbology was founded by Kristy Goodger, a spa consultant […]