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24th September 2014

Tauer Perfumes: Sotta La Luna Gardenia Review

By Laurin Spending one’s Saturday afternoons poking around perfume blogs and websites brings one to a small and perhaps completely obvious conclusion. Many perfumers and perfume lovers alike are also gardeners. This makes sense when I think of it, that a love of fragrance might be born out of a love of nature and the bounty of odours within. Or perhaps having a living reference […]

24th July 2011

Project Perfume – Andy Tauer Pentachords

  I always think of Tauer perfumes as lush and somewhat baroque creations, so discovering that his latest collection – available in the UK from October – is an exercise in minimalism was fascinating.  Each of the three initial fragrances in the series, which are named White, Auburn and Verdant, is made of 5 notes, and each of those notes is created from a single […]

4th April 2011

Andy Tauer’s Carillon Pour Un Ange Review and Giveaway

 Bosky.  It’s not a word I use enough on Get Lippie.  It’s a word I like though. Carillon pour un Ange is almost a textbook definition of the word bosky.  Earthy, damp, lightly green and redolent of lily of the valley, the latest release from Andy Tauer’s Homages line is purest spring, bottled. Above the intriguing notes of damp earth, wet leaves and cool cedar […]

1st December 2010

Andy Tauer’s Advent Giveaway

I’m a massive fan of Andy Tauer, I was lucky enough to meet with him recently (more about that anon), and I enjoyed a great deal hearing about how he is inspired to create his perfumes, and to be able to smell some of the ingredients that make up his creations. He is certainly an artist of perfume in an increasingly corporate bland and fruity-smelling […]