24th July 2011

Project Perfume – Andy Tauer Pentachords

By Get Lippie


I always think of Tauer perfumes as lush and somewhat baroque creations, so discovering that his latest collection – available in the UK from October – is an exercise in minimalism was fascinating.  Each of the three initial fragrances in the series, which are named White, Auburn and Verdant, is made of 5 notes, and each of those notes is created from a single (synthetic) molecule.

Very interesting.  I spoke to Andy last year and I know he’s actually an advocate of using (some) synthetics in perfumes, in that they allow a stability in ingredient quality.  Quality in natural botanical essences can be variable, and supplementing with the occasional synthetic can be a boon to a perfumer.

The scents are described as follows:
White: violet blossom, orris root, bourbon vanilla, amber gris, warm wood
Auburn: citrus blossom, warm cinnamon, fruity tobacco, dry amber, creamy sandalwood
Verdant: dewy leaves, suave leather, brown tobacco, sweet earth, vibrant amber

These are a massive departure for Andy, and after having an initial play with the samples I was sent recently by the ever-wonderful Ronny at Scent and Sensibility ( who have long been my favourite UK-based perfume supplier) I’m intrigued and fascinated by the fragrances.  So much so that I’d like to write a joint review of the perfumes with one of my readers, I think they’ll benefit from a set of opinions, rather than just my thoughts on this occasion.

I have a second set of samples here, and I’m going to send them to one of my readers in exchange for a review I can post here on Get Lippie.  If you’re willing to trial and test, then write about the scents, please either leave a comment on this post explaining why you’re the best person for the job, or alternatively, send an email to tauer@getlippie.com doing the same.  I’ll pick a writing partner next Sunday, 31st July.

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