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9th August 2017

Get Lippie at the Royal Society of Medicine

I have, somewhat by accident, done a lot of public speaking about my medical condition in the months whilst I’ve not been blogging regularly.  I’ve enjoyed it, too!  Well, some of it  … Having been featured on BBC2’s “Incredible Medicine” (which will be shown in the US as “The Most Extraordinary People in the World” [ha!] at some point) during March, and then unexpectedly turning […]

26th February 2017

Anosmia Awareness Day 27th February 2017

As is now traditional around this time of year, it’s time for me to point out that Anosmia exists, and list some resources for people who may be affected by this life-changing, but barely-known condition.  My life was turned upside down in 2014 by the simple act of catching a cold. My olfactory nerve died as a result of that cold, and life hasn’t been […]

6th November 2016

Update at The Parosmia Diaries

It has been quite a while since I updated my other blog: The Parosmia Diaries, and I’ve had a little flurry of emails re my smell difficulties recently, so I thought it was time to dust it off and get back on with it.  So here’s the first parosmia-based post in over a year (it’s been a very busy year), you can read it here: […]

31st July 2015

A Parosmic at the (An)Osmotheque

Did you hear the one about the parosmic who went to the perfume museum?* A trip to the Osmotheque perfume museum in Versailles seemed like a dream come true when I’d booked it through Odette Toilette in April 2014.  Billed as an opportunity to smell classic fragrances dating back as far as the 1800’s (in faithfully recreated “original” formulations), plus an opportunity to talk through […]

23rd February 2015

Anosmia Awareness Day: 27th February 2015

This Friday, 27th February is Anosmia Awareness Day.  Ordinarily, this is a date that would probably have passed without too much comment at Lippie Mansions, but this year is different. Very different.   Most people think not being able to smell is just a little thing, but please let me tell you that it is not. When I lost my sense of smell last year, I […]

17th November 2014

New Blog …

 Don’t worry, Get Lippie’s still running, but I’ve started a new blog to detail my travails with parosmia.  It won’t just be me whining about living with a new disability, I promise, but it will detail my personal journey, alongside talking about the discoveries I’ve made about the condition, the occasional book review, and … perfume reviews!  You haven’t lived till you’ve tried to review […]