9th August 2017

Get Lippie at the Royal Society of Medicine

By Get Lippie

I have, somewhat by accident, done a lot of public speaking about my medical condition in the months whilst I’ve not been blogging regularly.  I’ve enjoyed it, too!  Well, some of it  …

Having been featured on BBC2’s “Incredible Medicine” (which will be shown in the US as “The Most Extraordinary People in the World” [ha!] at some point) during March, and then unexpectedly turning up on Radio 4 alongside Heston Blumenthal in “The Uncommon Senses” the same week Incredible Medicine was aired, I was delighted – and terrified – to be invited to speak at an event at the Royal Society of Medicine in May.

The opportunity to use my own words – unedited! – to describe my lived experience of anosmia and parosmia was too good to pass up, and so I found myself – on the first really hot day of the year – in front of a mixed audience of fellow smell-disturbance sufferers and medical professionals talking about how not being able to smell has affected my life, the size of my fragrance collection, how my life was shattered by parosmia, and how I’ve managed to pick myself up again.  I also made a few jokes (because I can’t ever not do that), and took the opportunity to try to emphasise the importance of the medical community taking this condition seriously. Because, frankly, they should be. I talk about smell training too, which is hugely important.

But, instead of my spending hours here telling you what I said, here’s a link to me actually doing the saying of it.  I’m a bit fidgety, because I HATE SPEAKING IN PUBLIC, but if you’ve ever wondered what my life as an anosmic is like, this is the best place to find out:

Louise Woollam speaks at the Royal Society of Medicine

And er, yeah.  I’ll be doing it again, in front of a bigger audience next year.  Ooops!