4th August 2017


By Get Lippie

Flipping heck! It’s all a bit shiny and new around here at the moment!  Huge thanks to Phil at Pipdig for the blog refresh, and the seamless transfer of the back end.  It all looks so different! I tell you, blogging on a massively outdated platform is a huge bore, and a terrible chore.

Because of all the backend changes, I’m not quite “back” in the blogging groove yet (there’s a lot of work to be done in clearing up broken links and replacing/resizing terrible photos, for example) but I have a lot of blog posts planned, and some lovely giveaways, keep your eyes peeled!   I just have to figure out how all thisworks, really!

Taking a few months off blogging has really given me a fresh perspective. To say that beauty blogging is not what it once was is fast becoming a cliche, but things have really changed since I started way back in 2009.  Then I’d found a tribe of like-minded, opinionated, passionate people who were really providing an alternative viewpoint (even when they were covering the same things as them) to the mainstream beauty media. I loved them.  I still do, they’re just real-life friends rather than “blogging buddies” these days.

Now though, bloggers are increasingly providing the exact same coverage – for the exact same reasons – the magazines do, and beauty blogs, for me, no longer feel like “my” tribe as a result. It’s not the fault of other bloggers, really. Not at all.  I’m just too old, too fat, too tired, too busy, too uninterested in going to events to “be seen” rather than educated, too sweary, probably a bit too opinionated to fit in as well as I used to. I am definitely more cynical then the average blogger these days! Whilst blogging might have changed over the years, I don’t think I have, much, if at all.  Get Lippie was ever a place to share what I thought of things, not what brands wanted me to think about things.  That hasn’t changed, at least.  I’ve never just pasted excerpts from a press release ten minutes after the product arrived on the doorstep and called it a “review”, even though brands love it when people do that.  I never will.

For me, as blogs (NOT bloggers, I must be clear) have become prettier, more professional, more … bland … they’ve had less and less to say to me, and I’ve been disengaged from blogging for quite a while as a result.  It was never about the numbers for me, nor even about the freebies (love them though I do, I can’t deny it, what an amazing perk of a hobby!),  blogging was just about having something to say, and a place to say it.  So many don’t have much to say – though there is lots to look at, there’s increasingly nothing to read, and I mourn that.  Hugely.  My time away just reaffirmed that I don’t really care what other blogs do, and say, and I don’t have to read them if I don’t want to.  What does matter is what I think.  It took a while, and it might not be the most stunning of revelations, but being able to stop doing something that is no longer fun is rather freeing.

I, however, do still have Actual Things To Say – a frank exchange of views about Helen Mirren saying moisturiser “does f*ck all” on Facebook I had yesterday has helped too* – and now I have a shiny and nice new spot to say them in.  I just might say them a bit less often. And I might say things about stuff other than beauty more regularly – I’ve learned to crochet whilst I’ve been away, and I might talk about that.  I’ve also been on the telly, the radio, and spoken at some not-even-slightly-beauty-related events (I’ve been a bit busy, actually).  I’ll be talking about those, for sure.  The photography, I’m afraid, will stay as crap as ever.  Sorry ’bout that. My blog, my rules.

But yes, I’ll be back, soon.  Once I’ve fixed those damn links.

*Good on her for taking the money and refusing to play the usual celebrity “it’s amazing and the only thing I want to talk about” game, say I.  Others feel differently.  Your mileage, of course, may vary. Wait! How the hell do I do footnotes on this thing?  Phil?  PHIL???