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9th August 2017

Get Lippie at the Royal Society of Medicine

I have, somewhat by accident, done a lot of public speaking about my medical condition in the months whilst I’ve not been blogging regularly.  I’ve enjoyed it, too!  Well, some of it  … Having been featured on BBC2’s “Incredible Medicine” (which will be shown in the US as “The Most Extraordinary People in the World” [ha!] at some point) during March, and then unexpectedly turning […]

6th November 2016

Update at The Parosmia Diaries

It has been quite a while since I updated my other blog: The Parosmia Diaries, and I’ve had a little flurry of emails re my smell difficulties recently, so I thought it was time to dust it off and get back on with it.  So here’s the first parosmia-based post in over a year (it’s been a very busy year), you can read it here: […]