Tag: Body Care

5th July 2020

Lady Anti Monkey Butt

Yeah … whilst I’m not sure I’m completely onboard with the packaging of Lady Anti Monkey Butt (or even the name for that matter) it’s the time of the year where we talk about chafing, and this year I want to talk about that most taboo of topics: the permanently moist underboob.  Summer, for a fat lass, can be a season of multiple minor irritations, […]

5th February 2016

Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil

Now, having said in a previous review about my liking but not loving Ren, there are some Ren products that I do, actually adore, and the Rose Otto range in fact, encompasses all of them.  In fact, I like the Rose Otto range so much that I actually asked for the bath oil for Christmas, and, husbands being husbands (or more specifically, my husband being  […]

7th December 2015

Clinique Deep Comfort Body Oil

  First things first; I don’t have dry skin. Secondly, I don’t use body lotion, as a rule.  These two facts may be related.  I do, however, occasionally get dry shins in winter.  I wear trousers a lot, don’t wear a full-length coat for fear of looking like a hobbit, and so my shins, protected only by my trousers and the tights I usually wear […]

5th May 2015

Prismologie at SpaceNK

Intrigued by the invitiation which promised a global launch of a “beauty first”, I trekked along to the Knightsbridge branch of SpaceNK recently (it’s a hard life), and discovered Prismologie, A colourful and luxurious body care range. Prismologie promises to help lift your mood as well as care for your skin. Taking the basics of colour-therapy as its starting point, Prismologie has 12 products divided […]