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11th August 2014

Boots Opticians and Protect Lenses

By Get Lippie I’ve been a glasses wearer for nigh on 40 years now, and, I’ll be honest, I hate wearing my glasses.  Years of being told I was an “ugly duckling” in my smeared pink plastic NHS frames (complete with eye patch for several years, to boot) as a child, followed by decades of movies and TV using “beautiful woman in glasses” as shorthand […]

7th June 2013

Boots Avert Cold Sore Machine – Update

I probably get more email about the Boots Avert Cold Sore Machine than I do anything else this year, so I thought I’d let you know how I was getting along with it. In the four months before the Avert turned up, I’d had, on average, one cold sore a week, so sixteen sores in a period of sixteen weeks.  In the three months since […]

1st November 2009

Makeover: Louise

This is Louise: Louise came to me wanting a classic “English Rose” look, as she wanted to look glowing, natural, and make the most of her beautiful blue eyes.  She has a make up bag full of steely greys, but after a chat, we thought something more apricot, and shimmery would be an excellent contrast. Louise has lovely skin – no pores! – and we […]

11th October 2009

Lipstick haul

Last week, I may have gone a bit crazy buying lipsticks … I really shouldn’t buy any lipsticks whatsoever, the collection I have already numbers three figures as it is.  I went through my handbag the other day and realised there were 12 lip products in there: 8 lipsticks (including the five you see below), three glosses and a balm.  I guess you could say […]

11th October 2009


  So, Gok Wan has launched his first body-care range at Boots.   In all honesty, I’m not sure what to make of this, it promises “sassy and seductive” products to make all women feel “gorgeous”. Gok says “I feel passionate about my girls and believe you deserve to feel fabulous, no matter how much time you have or whatever your budget is”. Now, I […]