Tag: Brushes

31st July 2016

Real Techniques Ultimate Base Kit – Limited Edition

I do love a Real Techniques face brush, or three (or four…).  For my money, there aren’t many brands that make better brushes for base products, and their blush brushes are magnificent!  That said, I do not love their eye brushes at all – in fact, I’ve not met one of their eye brushes that I’ve used more than once before giving it up as […]

27th August 2015


Nailbrushes.  They’re not really the sexiest of products on the planet, are they? I think every household has one gently mouldering on the side of the kitchen sink, very rarely used, and unloved.  Bruzz aims to change all that. A unique design with soft, slightly vanilla-scented bristles on three sides Bruzz will get your nails cleaner than ever before, without spattering the entire room you’re […]

18th March 2010

My top ten brushes

(Okay, it’s not actually going to be a top ten.  It’s not even going to be a top seven, as pictured, it’s a top eight – I’m a photographic-doofus, sorry!) During Foundation Week recently, I mentioned my flat top kabuki brush a lot, and people on Twitter were asking me about my favourite makeup brushes as a result.  I’m not  a brush expert though, and […]