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31st January 2016

Skincare of the Week 31 January 2016

A short and sweet Skincare of the Week this week because I was ill, and hanging around a cold bathroom taking pictures of my skincare (like you do) took a deserving backseat to me being wrapped up in the duvet, and slathering myself in Pommade Divine, frankly. Nothing better for a sore nose than Pommade Divine, if you ask me. Anyhoo, yes, I’m still a […]

20th December 2015

LipsNspritz of the Week 20.12.15

Well, unlike last week, there were no hugely stunning nasal revelations, alas, but there was still a lot to love about LipsNspritz this time around, and one nice discovery, which is good.  If you’re wondering what LipsNspritz actually is, it’s my way of smelling something different every day in an attempt to cure my parosmia, and a way to force myself to actually wear ALL […]

8th April 2015

ByTerry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow sticks

I mentioned yesterday that my makeup routine takes me around five minutes, and it does.  Some days, I can barely be bothered applying makeup at all, and so a little liquid liner and a bright, bright lipstick is all I do, over a CC cream, or something. On the days when I want a stronger look, I increasingly find myself reaching for eyeshadow sticks, as […]

1st October 2014

Lipsticks of the Week

  Ah, Lipstick of the week, it’s been a while, eh?  I assure you, I’ve been wearing just as much lipstick as always, but there’s been no sunlight for pictures for ages!  With the change in the weather recently, autumnal berries and plums have been calling out to me this week, so this is what I’ve been wearing: Boots No7 Soft Ruby Lipstick Queen Saint […]

28th July 2014

ByTerry Rose Infernal Collection: Eye Powder-Kajal, Rose de Rose, and Baume de Rose Fig Fiction

It’s too darn hot right now, and when that happens, my mind always starts to think wistfully about cooler seasons, I’m not a happy summer bunny, alas.  Not to mention that I always prefer the Autumn and Winter makeup collections to the ubiquitous summer bronze (with a splash of “unexpected” blue) that we’ve been seeing all summer every summer since, well, time began. ByTerry is […]

1st July 2014

By Terry – Cheek to Cheek: Cherry Cruise and Tint to Lip: Pink Palace

  I’m a sucker for a stain.  Well, some stains, anyway – tea, spag bol, toothpaste not so much (I’m a mucky pup) – gimme a cheek or a lip stain, and I’m happy.   Particularly a lip stain.  I love my bright lipsticks, as some of you might have noticed, but it drives me bananas when they don’t last. Enter By Terry, with a […]

22nd March 2012

Back to Basics – By Terry Sheer Expert

A holdover from my recent foundation “week” – and featuring the return of “Maurice”, by popular request (you nutters) – This is Sheer Expert foundation by … er … by Terry.  I’ve had this a little while now, and it’s time I got my thoughts out on the interwebs. Packaging I love the signature by Terry metallic purple packaging, and this tube doesn’t disappoint, squeezy […]

4th January 2012

By Terry – Rouge Terrybly 203 Fanatic Red & 304 Cherry Cherry

First off, Terrybly is a dreadful, dreadful, dreadful name for a diffusion range of cosmetics.  Especially a diffusion range that is, in actual fact, more expensive than the original line … Right, that off my chest, lets have some lipstick porn, for these are the most beautifully packaged lipsticks in all of creation: These are gorgeous, weighty and glamorous to carry around, particularly in their […]

9th January 2010

Review – By Terry Or De Rose Baume

Oh, this looked like a little pot of gorgeous in the store: It smells delicious, looks pretty, and makes all kinds of wonderful claims on the packaging, so I bought it.  Oh, when will I learn?  This is the limited edition version of the fast-becoming-a-cult product By Terry Baume de Rose, which, according to Space NK (yes, them again) is a “Rejuvenating, reparative, strengthening, nourishing […]

6th December 2009

Makeover: Mel

It Sunday Makeover time, and this week I was delighted to welcome along Mel: Mel’s a schoolteacher, and was looking for a simple and easy day time look that suits her colouring.  Mel actually owns a bit of very lovely makeup, but doesn’t use it very often, so I was hoping to show her how to get the most of some of the things she […]

25th September 2009

Eye of the Day – Updated!

So, I decided that yesterday’s picture of my eyemakeup wasn’t the clearest, so I’ve redone it: And here it is with the Urban Decay eyeliner in Ecstasy more clearly visible: A cheery look for a Friday me thinks. Products used: MAC Paint – Untitled (as base) MAC Dovefeather in the inner corner by Terry Black Grape in the outer corner Urban Decay liquid liner in […]

24th September 2009

Space NK event and EotD

I have an odd relationship with Space.NK.  I love their product ranges, I think the shops are lovely, and they’re basically places I should want to spend a lot of time in … so, why do I so very often find the experience so very frustrating? Example: last week at the Cheapside branch, I had been greeted five times, and asked if I wanted help […]