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23rd December 2011

The Very Best Christmas Present For A Beauty Blogger

Would be a lipstick named after them.  It’s been a while coming, but, very shortly after Daniel Sandler and I cooked up this shade back in May, the wonderful Lynne Sanders of Cosmetics A La Carte let slip to me that they were adding “Luce” to their permanent line, and I’ve been like a little kid waiting for Santa ever since!  Imagine, a lipstick that […]

26th May 2011

Get Lippie’s Lippie!

I’m interrupting my Paris posts today to let you know some astonishing news!  A couple of weeks ago Daniel Sandler and I created a couple of bespoke lipsticks  at the Cosmetics a la Carte store in London – purely for my own use –  and yesterday Lynne Sanders, the founder of the company, got in touch to let me know that they loved the shade […]

10th May 2011

Bespoke Lipstick with Daniel Sandler & Cosmetics a la Carte Pt II

So, if you made it through yesterday’s post, then you’ll know I recently had two bespoke lipsticks created for me by Daniel Sandler and Lynne Sanders at Cosmetics a la Carte.  Judging from the comments, you’ll be wanting to see the final results (and names) today!   So, without further ado, I introduce you to my two new lipstick shades: On the left here, we […]

9th May 2011

Bespoke Lipstick with Daniel Sandler & Cosmetics a la Carte

Picture the scene: a boring Tuesday morning at work, your mobile phone rings unexpectedly, and it’s a world-renowned makeup artist who tells you that they want to create a lipstick for you. What’s a beauty blogger to do? Well, in the case of this particular beauty blogger, you basically SQUEEEEEEEE with excitement, and run round the office like a lunatic for twenty minutes then say […]

28th March 2010

Lippie Chat – Lynne Sanders of Cosmetics a la Carte

Just a wee while ago, I was lucky enough to meet and chat with Lynne Sanders who –  alongside Christina Stewart, now retired from the business – founded Cosmetics a la Carte back in the seventies, after working for both Unilever and Yardley.  Cosmetics a la Carte have been providing women with bespoke cosmetic shades for all occasions, and individually blended foundations for any and […]

2nd March 2010

Foundation Week – Bespoke

It’s foundation week here at Get Lippie, I’ll be bringing you some hints and tips, and reviewing a few foundations (and the odd tinted moisturiser) from my collection for you too. If you have any questions, let me know, and I’ll do my best to get back to you! But I wanted to start the week off by mentioning Cosmetics a la Carte.  A lot […]