23rd December 2011

The Very Best Christmas Present For A Beauty Blogger

By Get Lippie

Would be a lipstick named after them.  It’s been a while coming, but, very shortly after Daniel Sandler and I cooked up this shade back in May, the wonderful Lynne Sanders of Cosmetics A La Carte let slip to me that they were adding “Luce” to their permanent line, and I’ve been like a little kid waiting for Santa ever since!  Imagine, a lipstick that real people can actually buy, named after little old me!

I finally caught a glimpse of it on the website this week, and just the sight of my name on that shade list gives me little chills.  It’s definitely one of the greatest presents a beauty blogger could ever have, and I’ve been wearing my “Luce” all week in celebration*.  It’s a lightly sparkling coral shade, which makes for great everyday wear.

My deepest, most sincere thanks to both Daniel Sandler, and Cosmetics a la Carte for making this particular beauty blogger’s dream come true.  

The Fine Print: Not an affiliate link, and I’m not remunerated if anyone buys it!

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