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17th January 2016

LipsNspritz of the Week 17 January 2016

I spent this week wearing some of the “big hitters” in my collection, and thoroughly enjoyed it!  I began the week with Chanel No19 and Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Collection Ruby Red, and enjoyed the grown-up sophistication (something I’m sorely lacking in naturally) of bitter greenness and aldehydes. Tuesday brought brash spice and a gentle hint of the barnyard in Estee Lauder’s Cinnabar, which I […]

10th January 2016

LipsNspritz of the week 10 January 2016

I fell in love this week, and I never expected to! It started on Monday with a brief squirt of Estee Lauder Youth Dew, and it continued later in the week and it ended up with my buying a bottle (or two!) of the matching bath oil, which is divine, by the way, and every home should have a (tiny) bottle. Youth Dew opens surprisingly […]

2nd June 2015

Dior Addict Tie Dye Lipstick 003 Hypnotic Plum

 If you’re going to accidentally check-in far too early for a flight home, then you can do much, much worse then spending three hours at Vienna airport, to be honest.  It is huge, mostly deserted, and the shopping is fabulous.  There is also a branch of the amazing bakery Demel, so you can spend your last few hours in Austria in sophisticated comfort with a […]

12th February 2014

Gateway Drug: Dior Oud Ispahan

By Laurin I meant to write something completely different for my introductory “Get Lippie” post. But as I was writing last week during quiet moments in the shop, I began to feel like I was sitting down to watch a play halfway through the first act. I need to tell you how I got here, because I can hardly believe it myself. I know the […]

16th February 2012

Dior Skinflash Comparison – Shades – 001 and 002

I’ve somehow acquired two Dior Skinflash highlighters, in shades 001 and 002, and I thought it would be interesting to see them side by side. Both housed in the signature silver with navy livery, Skinflash is a brush-pen style highlighter of the type that is commonly sold as a “concealer” by department store sales assistants.  What they actually do is spread reflective particles over the […]

1st December 2011

Benefit They’re Real Vs Dior Diorshow Iconic

Perfume aside, I don’t think there is a beauty product that is as dependent upon personal preference as mascara.  We all have our particular requirements, and personal favourites, and we tend to stick with them, no matter how many new mascaras are released in a particular year.  Last year I was addicted to Trish McEvoy’s mascara, but discovered that the formula had changed – making […]

28th March 2011

Dior Addict Lipstick 578 Diorkiss

Apparently, some people think I’m a bit obsessed with lipstick.  I cannot imagine why people might think this. [looks up at logo] Oh. Alright, they might have a point.  But, I’d like to make clear that I only own three drawers worth of lipsticks/glosses and balms.  For the purposes of the point I’m making, I’d like to – of course – ignore the box of […]

10th March 2011

Random Face of the Day – Diorskin Nude Foundation Test

Apologies for the fact that I’m fully dressed here, random Googlers! I’ve been trialling Diorskin Nude foundation for about a week now, and I don’t really have any hard and fast thoughts about it – yet – but I thought you might like to see how it photographs. Alongside the Nudeskin, I’m wearing: Sue Devitt eyeshadow in Lonely Splendour (a lovely taupe),  Illamsaqua  Precison Ink […]

11th January 2011

Dior Lip Addict Gloss: 707 Flash and 654 Pearl

Alongside the palette I showed to you yesterday, Dior have also released two lipglosses to go alongside, one a cool silvery grey and one a light, cool, milky coral: Flash 707 is the one that caught my eye back in December, and I was intrigued as to how it would work in person, but when I saw 654 Pearl, I felt duty-bound to pick that […]

10th January 2011

Dior Cannage – 002 Whisper Grey

 Saw this palette a couple of weeks ago at a preview and fell in love with it, but it’s taken till now for me to get set up to do swatches!  For Spring/Summer 2011, Dior have gone for cool greys and pinks, which makes a refreshing change from all the bronzes and corals we had last year.  I have a selection of the products from […]

31st December 2010

Looking forward to 2011? Guerlain, Lauder, Dior, Lancome and Clarins are …

Nope, haven’t gone quite mad – yet – but I found these pics on my iphone today and thought I’d show you some of the things you’ll be able to see on Get Lippie coming up in the next couple of months … Here you can see the spring/summer releases from both Dior and Guerlain (Dior on the left, Guerlain on the right).  I’m loving […]

24th November 2010

Christmas Countdown – Bits and bobs

Continuing my Christmas gift guide, here are some other bits and bobs that I thought might make great gifts for people (including me!). First of all, one of the more prettily packaged palettes I’ve seen this season: Dior Minaudiere I actually bought one of these for my mum last week, having seen it on a variety of US blogs recently, but if you follow me […]