Tag: Foundation Week

22nd March 2012

Back to Basics – By Terry Sheer Expert

A holdover from my recent foundation “week” – and featuring the return of “Maurice”, by popular request (you nutters) – This is Sheer Expert foundation by … er … by Terry.  I’ve had this a little while now, and it’s time I got my thoughts out on the interwebs. Packaging I love the signature by Terry metallic purple packaging, and this tube doesn’t disappoint, squeezy […]

24th February 2012

Back to Basics – Clarins Ever Matte Foundation

Another new foundation this month is Clarins Ever Matte, which I’ve had for a couple of weeks and have been mulling over on your behalf for a while. Packaging A squared-off squeezy tube, perfect for carting around with you.  I like the classy gold top, too. Formula  A medium-thick liquid, quite low in silicones, this feels velvety on the fingers, and I find it easy […]

23rd February 2012

Back to Basics – Keromask Camouflage Cream

Long overdue this one.  Keromask is a foundation specifically made to cover up imperfections, birthmarks scars and tattoos and the like.  I’ve had my bottle since last July, and it’s been a godsend to me and my red, red face.  This foundation is recommended by the British Medical Association for use in particular skin conditions.  But, it’s also suitable for use for people who just […]

22nd February 2012

Back to Basics – Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup

Continuing with the Foundation Week theme, it’s time to discuss what is the newest addition to my little* foundation family, Estee Lauder’s Invisible Fluid makeup.  We’re not allowed to call it “foundation”, apparently, as it’s specially formulated to be foundation for people who don’t like foundation. Personally, I don’t understand this “not liking foundation” business, but that’s probably because my ugly blotchy red mug regularly […]

21st February 2012

Back to Basics – Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation

It’s been quite a while since I last did a week of foundations, and this one has been a while in the planning, so I thought I’d better get on with it!  This week I’ll be reviewing five foundations, weightless ones, full coverage ones, invisible ones, and others … I’m starting off with Avon’s latest foundation launch, Ideal Flawless, which is described as an “invisible […]

8th March 2010

Foundation Week Finale – Liquids

I love liquid foundations, and have amassed a fair collection of them over the years. There are very many different formulations, and with liquid foundations, it can be a case of trial and error getting the right formulation for yourself. There are two main kinds, ones that leave you with a dewy glow, and matte ones – but, of course, there are all kinds of […]

5th March 2010

Foundation Week – Tinted Moisturisers

Yes, I know that tinted moisturisers aren’t strictly foundations, but I’m doing this post by request! During summer, I’m actually a big fan of tinted moisturisers, as they’re lighter, and generally offer better sun protection than traditional foundations. Nothing worse than looking a bit dry in the summer sun. One of the most famous tinted moisturisers is Benefit You Rebel. Long touted by Benefit as […]

4th March 2010

Foundation Week – Cream to Powder

Now, as cream to powder formulations are the ones I have most trouble with, I invited two guest bloggers to try out a brand new foundation on the market, Urban Decay Surreal Skin.  Let’s take a look at how Lina from Make Up to Make Out and Charlotte from Lady of the Lane got on with it: First of all, Lina: I was given this […]

3rd March 2010

Foundation Week – Powder

Foundations come in all shapes, sizes and formats, I’m spending a day on each of the main types of foundation (powder, cream, and I’m splitting liquids into matte, and dewy, but I think a mousse might slip into at least one of those, so be warned!) and I’m starting with powder, as they can be a bit less scary than full on foundation … Loose/Minerals […]

2nd March 2010

Foundation Week – Bespoke

It’s foundation week here at Get Lippie, I’ll be bringing you some hints and tips, and reviewing a few foundations (and the odd tinted moisturiser) from my collection for you too. If you have any questions, let me know, and I’ll do my best to get back to you! But I wanted to start the week off by mentioning Cosmetics a la Carte.  A lot […]