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7th February 2016

LipsNspritz 7th February 2016 – Urban Decay Special

     So, there were two themes for LipsNspritz on Instagram this week, one is pretty easy to spot, but did anyone notice the fragrant link?  I spent the week trialling the Urban Decay #UDxGwen lipstick collection, and I wore Ex-Girlfriend, Phonecall, Firebird, Wonderland and Spiderweb.  You can see colour descriptions and swatches of the full collection here, but I have to say that I […]

6th December 2015

LipsNspritz of the Week 06.12.15

After spending last weekend doused in Tom Ford’s finest Black Orchid (albeit in the new Eau de Toilette version rather than the EdP), I was obviously stuck in a rather Tom Ford kind of groove for the early part of this week.   Monday brought Tom Ford Black Violet, a scent which I have always preferred to Black Orchid, for some reason (but it’s now discontinued), […]

11th November 2015

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Globe Trotter

I never leave the house without a perfume (occasionally without things like my wedding ring, my oyster card, and house keys though), and nine times out of ten, the perfume I carry with me throughout the day is in one of these glorious atomisers from Francis Kurkdjian.  I apply whatever fragrance I’m wearing for the day in the morning before I leave the house, and […]

8th November 2015

LipsNspritz of the week 08.11.15

 I ended up having a week of musk, it wasn’t planned, but after wearing The Body Shop White Musk layered up with Serge Lutens Clair de Musc (a combination I’d planned to wear for my wedding, till I realised I needed something with a little more oomph!), I realised that I wanted to wear more of it. I wore these with ByTerry lipstick in Cherry […]