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19th January 2012

GHD Deluxe Scarlet Collection

GHD sent me a Christmas present this year – their “so gorgeous it actually hurts” Scarlet Collection Deluxe hair straightener set.  Housed in an Art Deco box, the set contains:     A beautiful red satin gift box, perfectly accented with fan designs.  Inside that box you have:   A glorious Deco-accented “handbag” that contains:   A brand new GHD Styler, accented with red plates, […]

23rd November 2010

Christmas Countdown – Hair

Continuing the gift guide theme for this week, I’ve moved onto gifts for hair.  Truly, for me, there are only two contenders this year, and they’re expensive, admittedly, so hold onto your hats … Cloud Nine The O – Gift of Volume. Coming in at a whopping £199, this is an amazing gift.  I first saw TheO way back in June, and was astonished at […]

26th October 2009

RIP GHD? or How I Found Cloud Nine Straighteners…

*Warning, this post contains images that some people may find hilarious disturbing. You do have to be careful what you say in public these days.  A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned on Twitter that you’d have to prise my GHD’s from my cold, dead hands before I could be parted from them, and the next thing you know, Cloud Nine are offering to help […]