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7th May 2010

Guerlain Rouge G

Ever since I saw a swatch of Guerlain Rouge G in Geisha over at LondonMakeUpGirl‘s blog recently, I had to have one! But I was thwarted at every turn, it being apparently sold out at every counter I’d attempted to buy it from.  Most annoying!  But, eventually, I got hold of one and was so impressed with it that I immediately went out and bought […]

21st April 2010

Guerlain Summer Collection Applied (FotD)

First off, let me say that these are some of the worst FotD pics I’ve ever taken, so let me apologise in advance for the stupid looks on my face!  But I had quite a few requests for a FotD with this collection, and I thought I’d oblige ASAP! As you can see, I used all four of the main shades to create a subtle […]

17th April 2010

Guerlain Summer Editions

Oh, I love Guerlain, I love how their powders are always delicately scented with violets, which somehow makes the products feel more genteel and otherworldly, ladylike, I guess. Speaking of ladylike, their summer editions are something rather special too:  Bad beauty blogger alert – I’m a dingbat, and forgot to take off the plastic cover that protects the eyeshadows!   Guerlain are famous for their bronzers, […]

8th November 2009

Makeover: Gillian

It’s Sunday, and that means it’s makeover day here at Get Lippie!  Meet Gillian: Gillian came to me a couple of weeks ago, wanting to look like a sexy 50’s bombshell.   Now, this is a look I happen to love, as it’s actually pretty simple and quick to put together.  First things first though, the classic bombshell look is dependent on flawless porcelain skin for […]