17th April 2010

Guerlain Summer Editions

By Get Lippie

Oh, I love Guerlain, I love how their powders are always delicately scented with violets, which somehow makes the products feel more genteel and otherworldly, ladylike, I guess. Speaking of ladylike, their summer editions are something rather special too:

 Bad beauty blogger alert – I’m a dingbat, and forgot to take off the plastic cover that protects the eyeshadows!  

Guerlain are famous for their bronzers, so I was interested to see that this is a summer collection that will work well even if you don’t have a tan, and if you have cool tones-skin.  So many summer collections assume that we’re all off to the Caribbean for a month … here’s a closer look at the shadows:

Pretty – and matte! – gorgeous peaches and taupes, with a sparkly brown added for defining.  The white rosette you can see isn’t an overspray, it’s actually the white shade from their Les Meteorites pearls, and it goes all the way to the bottom of the pan.  Swatches:

Swatched rather heavily here, so you can see the different colours. I’ve done a FotD which I’ll show you soon, which has them rather more sheered out.  Shadows are buttery soft, and really very blendable, sadly, the swatches make them look a bit chalky (wasn’t expecting them to be so pigmented when I stuck my fingers in!) but I think these colours are perfect for a Faye Dunaway/Brigitte Bardot-esque, sixties-style look too.

Here are the two KissKiss Baby balms which are being released two, one a coral (So hot right now! – Zoolander) and one a pink:

These are very sheer, and beautifully moisturising – I’ve been wearing the pink (top) every day since it arrived! They’re very lovely for a sheer veil of colour, when you don’t fancy full on lipstick.  SPF 10 too, which is nice.  Swatches:

This is a nice alternative take on the summer coral/tanned trend, what do you think?

Guerlain Summer editions will be released Nationwide on 5th June – Ombre Eclat Palette will cost £36 and the KissKiss Baby Balms will be £20.

The Small Print: Items in this post were clandestinely handed over in a tea-shop by the Guerlain PR people.  They forced me to eat cake, however, this has in no way affected my review of the items in question.  My opinions cannot be bought with sponge.