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13th October 2016

Armani Lip Magnets Lip Swatches

In yesterday’s post, I gave the full review, today is just lip swatches of the newly released Armani Lip Magnets.  The colours are lovely and pigmented, and easy to wear without drying the lips. Top Row 300, 301 and 302 2nd Row 400, 401 and 402 3rd Row 500, 501 and 506 4th Row 601 and 602. In the same order, here are the lipswatches, […]

20th July 2010

Dolce & Gabanna Summer Collection

So, if you read my blog last week, you know I had a hard time actually buying these, but, I do love the bits and pieces I bought … Up there you can see (l-r) Nail Polish in Perfection, Classic Lipstick in Soft, and the eye quad in Nude.  What I didn’t realise at the time is that Perfection and Nude are actually part of […]

20th April 2010

Estee Lauder – Bronze Goddess

After my utter disaster with the Estee Lauder Michael Kors collection, I made darn sure I got my hands on this one! I think Estee Lauder are doing really interesting and exciting things at the moment, and this collection confirms it. Let’s have a look at some swatches, I’ll start with the eyeshadows: There are four eyeshadows in this collection, Sand Shimmer, Ultra Violet, Aqua […]

17th April 2010

Guerlain Summer Editions

Oh, I love Guerlain, I love how their powders are always delicately scented with violets, which somehow makes the products feel more genteel and otherworldly, ladylike, I guess. Speaking of ladylike, their summer editions are something rather special too:  Bad beauty blogger alert – I’m a dingbat, and forgot to take off the plastic cover that protects the eyeshadows!   Guerlain are famous for their bronzers, […]

14th April 2010

Lime Crime Launches in the UK

A picture paints a thousand words.  With that in mind here’s an entire essay about Lime Crime: (click to enlarge pics) Lip swatches of My Beautiful Rocket, and D’Lilac are after the jump: My Beautiful Rocket: And, my final word on the matter, D’Lilac: Lime Crime lipsticks are available from Space NK and cost £14.

3rd April 2010

Lancôme L’Absolou Rouge Creme de Brilliance Lip Swatches

When I last featured the Creme de Brilliance liquid lipsticks, I had a lot of requests for lip swatches, so here they are – apologies for it taking so long, had to wait for sunny times to get the colours right!  They’re swatched in numerical order as per this pic: Please click on either shot to enlarge.  Which are your favourites?

25th March 2010

Lancôme L’Absolou Rouge Creme de Brilliance swatches

Surprisingly, considering my utter worship of practically any mascara made my Lancôme, I don’t own a huge amount of their colour cosmetics.  I have no idea why this is, but after their recent Pop Petrol collection, which I thought was really lovely (I ended up buying half of it for Other People, and have none of it for myself!), it’s obviously something I’m going have […]

23rd March 2010

Kat Von D – swatches

I’ve been doing some swaps with my international readers, and last month, I managed to get hold (in return for a truckload of Barry M) of a set of Kat Von D shadows and lipglosses from Sephora. These are so pretty! I’m not sure if you can pick it up in these shots, but each of these pans has two different textures of shadow, one […]

8th February 2010

Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadows

I was sent these little lovelies last week by Urban Decay, and I’m delighted to bring you some swatches as I’ve not been able to find any more details about them in the UK! They’re the latest in sparkly eyeshadows, here’s what Urban Decay says about them:  “An explosion of stars. Stardust shadows’ silky texture delivers an incredible amount of sophisticated, twinkling sparkle. Boasting 40% […]

1st February 2010

Lip of the Day – OCC Lip Tar NSFW

So, I’m back in the land of the lap-topped, and I couldn’t be more relieved!  I’ll do a more full review of IMATS later (I enjoyed it, but I have some serious reservations about how it was organised, to be honest) but I wanted to show these little babies off, as I think they might be my new very favourite things … Here’s the skinny: […]

28th January 2010

Chanel Kaska Beige Swatches

It’s not often these days that I get excited by an entire collection, and if you’d told me a few months ago that the one collection I would be super-interested in this year would be, well, beige, I’d probably just have looked at you like you had two heads or something. But recently, I’ve been going through something of a taupe phase, I dug out […]

5th January 2010

More Sale Bargains – Paul & Joe Eyeshadows

I think I may have gone a little sale-crazy over Christmas, but there were some amazing bargains around!  I was in Fenwicks last week, and picked up four Paul and Joe eyeshadows for about five pounds each!  I love the packaging, they remind me of chocolate coins!   Here’s the colours I picked (with flash and without):   From left to right, there are shades 94 […]