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10th March 2011

Random Face of the Day – Diorskin Nude Foundation Test

Apologies for the fact that I’m fully dressed here, random Googlers! I’ve been trialling Diorskin Nude foundation for about a week now, and I don’t really have any hard and fast thoughts about it – yet – but I thought you might like to see how it photographs. Alongside the Nudeskin, I’m wearing: Sue Devitt eyeshadow in Lonely Splendour (a lovely taupe),  Illamsaqua  Precison Ink […]

23rd February 2010

What I did at London Fashion Week …

By Get Lippie, aged 32 and a lot of halves. I don’t get serenaded by middle aged men in body paint nearly often enough, I’ve decided. I was delighted to be invited backstage (as a guest of Illamasqua) at the House of Blues AW2010 fashion event at London Fashion Week recently. An opportunity to get to see Alex Box work at close range was an […]

24th January 2010

Makeover: Helen H

I love Sundays at Lippie Towers, every week there’s a different person here for a makeover, and it’s always fun figuring out how a person wants to look, and seeing if I can recreate that look for them.  Please meet Helen: Two Helens in two weeks!  Helen is a very pretty girl, who wanted to learn more about applying foundation, and using colour.  As you’ll […]