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12th September 2014

Storage Week! How A Makeup Pro Does It …

Our final post of the Storage Week! series (which is actually going to ending up lasting a fortnight, we’re nice like that here at Get Lippie) shows you how a real, working, makeup artist stores their stuff.  we have to tell you, it’s not what we expected. Anyhoo, here’s Luke with the lowdown: As interested as I am in being very organised with stuff, and […]

10th September 2014

Storage Week! Perfumes with Laurin …

Storage week continues, and today we’re highlighting Laurin’s perfume collection.  Probably best you don’t show this one to your maiden aunty, now we come to think of it …. My beauty storage is what you might term “organised chaos”. I know exactly where everything is, in my mind at least. In my current flat, I’m lucky enough to have my own bathroom (albeit in two […]

8th September 2014

Storage Week! Tindara

The increasingly mis-named Storage “Week” continues (sorry about that), and today we have Tindara showing you her drawers, Wednesday has Laurin showing us her … er … rather unorthodox perfume collection, and Friday will bring you Pro-Makeup Artist Luke showing us how we should really do it (or not … you decide!).  Our editor, Louise, will be showing you hers next week, as she needs […]

2nd September 2014

Storage Week! Nails …

We’re a nosy bunch here at Get Lippie, so when we were mulling over makeup storage recently, our editor requested – nay, demanded – we all get out collections out for the lads, as it were.  So this week, sit back and enjoy perving over total strangers’ makeup collections.  On the internet. We’re kicking the week off with Emily, our nail-obsessed newest addition to the […]

4th December 2012

Monaco Beauty Trolley from Beauty-Boxes.com

This is the Monaco Beauty Trolley from beauty-boxes.com, and she’s been on my beauty wishlist for longer than I care to remember, certainly since before I became a beauty blogger! Now I have one finally, and I’m wondering what took me so long … Makeup storage has been a problem for me for a very long time, I’ve been collecting makeup for the best part […]

20th August 2012

Storage – Muji 5 Drawer Boxes

My quest to contain and constrain my ever-growing makeup collection continues.  As well as The Cupboard, the train case and the helmer, and the lipstick corral, I recently acquired a couple of five-drawer units from Muji for my eyeshadow palettes, and some treasured singles.  Somehow I can’t bear the idea of depotting, even though I know it makes sense!  Anyhoo, the pic above is two […]

25th June 2012

Lipstick Storage

I have a lot of lipstick, and I like to keep my regular favourites close to hand, so this Muji storage system is on my desk at all times, filled with a selection of favourites.  I tend to do my face and eye-makeup first, then pick whichever lipstick suits my fancy on a particular day, sometimes it’s a bit hit and miss, but hey, you […]

21st May 2012

Makeup Storage

 People are always asking how I store my makeup, and, after spending a day piddling about with instagram a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d share the pictures here too!  This is … most … (not all, sadly!) of my makeup collection, arranged in a Helmer from Ikea, and in the traincase I bought from Kryolan last year. There’s also a sneaky peek at […]