10th September 2014

Storage Week! Perfumes with Laurin …

By Get Lippie

Storage week continues, and today we’re highlighting Laurin’s perfume collection.  Probably best you don’t show this one to your maiden aunty, now we come to think of it ….

My beauty storage
is what you might term “organised chaos”. I know exactly
where everything is, in my mind at least. In my current flat, I’m
lucky enough to have my own bathroom (albeit in two halves) and I
recently moved all my cosmetics from the bedroom to bathroom as I
felt the lighting was better (on second thought, it isn’t, but I’m
moving again soon and I really can’t be bothered to drag it all
back). Storage is an unsophisticated combination of an over-the-door
shoe organiser and a gift with purchase make-up bag. I felt pretty
fancy when I picked up some brush canisters from Muji recently. There
is also a wicker basket for palette storage. Like I said, FANCY.


At last count, I had about eighty
bottles of perfume, which technically means I never need buy another
bottle as long as I live. In reality, it means I never need buy
another bottle this month. Probably. Unless I have some points on my
Debenhams Beauty Club Card and there’s a sale. I like seeing it all
in one place, so I’m afraid I store it out of its boxes (but never in
the bathroom, and never in direct sunlight). Currently it resides on
the top of my wardrobe, and I am forever rearranging to make room for

It’s roughly organised by house, although I couldn’t resist
giving my two penis-shaped perfumes their own little corner. What do
you mean, you don’t own any penis perfumes?

Click to enlarge, but not if you’re easily scared/shocked/aroused

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