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6th November 2014

Deep Down: DHC Pore Cleansing Oil

By Laurin Here is a list of instances in which I will notice a pore on someone else’s face: When they point them out to me. Oh, actually, not even then. I bring this up because the product I’m reviewing this week, DHC Pore Cleansing Oil, claims to make pores less visible. I’m going to ignore this claim because other than squinting really hard at […]

24th September 2014

Tauer Perfumes: Sotta La Luna Gardenia Review

By Laurin Spending one’s Saturday afternoons poking around perfume blogs and websites brings one to a small and perhaps completely obvious conclusion. Many perfumers and perfume lovers alike are also gardeners. This makes sense when I think of it, that a love of fragrance might be born out of a love of nature and the bounty of odours within. Or perhaps having a living reference […]

10th September 2014

Storage Week! Perfumes with Laurin …

Storage week continues, and today we’re highlighting Laurin’s perfume collection.  Probably best you don’t show this one to your maiden aunty, now we come to think of it …. My beauty storage is what you might term “organised chaos”. I know exactly where everything is, in my mind at least. In my current flat, I’m lucky enough to have my own bathroom (albeit in two […]

20th August 2014

We Want the Funk: Ripe and Ready Perfumes for a Heatwave

By Laurin A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the predicted highs in my hometown of Mobile, Alabama and London were exactly the same – 29 degrees Celsius. The local press in Mobile referred to this turn of events as “an unseasonable autumn-like chill”. Meanwhile, in London, the headlines read “OMG HEATWAVE APOCALYPSE PREPARE A VIRGIN SACRIFICE TO APPEASE THE SUN GODS!” In Mobile, […]

13th August 2014

Golden Touch Intimate Waxing – Soho

By Laurin When I got back in the saddle after my divorce, I noticed a curious statement on about half the profiles of any given online dating service: “I love London, but equally love escaping the hustle and bustle for a relaxing weekend in the country.” Not me. I spend 95% of my time happily cocooned within Zones 1 and 2, believing absolutely in Peter […]

25th July 2014

ARK Skincare Derriere Facial

  By Laurin When I first agreed to contribute to Get Lippie at the beginning of this year, I imagined filing some light-hearted musings on perfume each week, maybe with a few words on moisturiser here and there. I did not expect to spend my mornings rollerballing napalm onto my bottom, or my evenings applying thigh creams that caused my flesh to stick together like […]

21st July 2014

DHC Premium Lipstick: Petal Pink and First Blush

By Laurin Until recently, I was something of a tart when it came to skincare. Like a Viking-sized magpie, I was all about the latest shiny thing promising to give me the skin of a teenaged nymph. The one constant in my routine for the last 10 years has been DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. I discovered it through India Knight back in 2008 and have […]

15th July 2014

Makeup Revolution: Blushers in Now and All I Think About Is You

By Laurin In 2007, against her better judgement, Her Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth II extended to me an offer of citizenship which I duly accepted. There was a ceremony at Lambeth Town Hall, and I came away with a souvenir photo of me looking like I’d accidentally joined the Hogwart’s branch of the BNP. To receive this honour, I had to sit the “Life in […]

3rd July 2014

Soap & Glory Sit Tight Super Intense 4-D

By Luke & Laurin Luke says: Soap & Glory always approach beauty with an excellent sense of humour, and frankly I’m sucked in by it. I know that there are people who don’t like their packaging talking to them, but I rather enjoy it if it’s done well. So, when you have a cream that is essentially about spending a little bit of time rubbing […]

24th June 2014

Anubis by Papillon Artisan Perfumes

By LaurinGenerally speaking, I’m quite happy to live in 2014. I do have the occasional fit of Mad Men-inspired melancholy, but although I’d be quite happy to have regular access to 60’s style hair and music, I’m decidedly less keen on 60’s style access to contraception and career opportunities. So despite its aesthetic deficiencies and frankly appalling lack of whiskey decanters in offices, I remain gladly […]

17th June 2014

Fruity Florals Worth Your Time and Skin

  By Laurin I’ll come clean – I think most fruity florals smell like shampoo*. In the minds of many a perfume lover, “fruity floral” is a byword for bland, safe and indistinct. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with them exactly, it’s just that to me, they’re the fragrant equivalent of settling for a semi-detached house in Bromley when you had your heart set […]

4th June 2014

Giving Good Face: Illamasqua Blush-Up Brush

By Laurin Let me get something out of the way: I had a not-insignificant identity crisis while preparing this piece. Throughout the months I’ve been contributing to this blog, I’ve mostly been able to use single-feature pictures (lips, lashes, arms, etc.) or better yet, pictures of David Bowie in one of his many incarnations. I’ve not yet written many pieces that require a full shot […]