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21st May 2014

London Muse Make-Up School

By Laurin   So, who likes make-up? Everyone? Excellent, good to know. I’ve always liked make-up, ever since my mother begrudgingly allowed me to start wearing eyeshadow when I was 12 years old because MELINDA’S MOM LETS HER WEAR PINK EYESHADOW AND I’M NOT A BABY ANYMORE *exits stage left slamming door, sobs are heard from offstage for next three hours*. Like many women my […]

20th May 2014

A Lippie Team Post – Skincare Routines

We’re planning a number of these group posts, but we thought we’d start with the basics, so here’s how the whole team at Get Lippie looks after their skin: LOUISE (aka “Get Lippie”) My skincare routine has been kind of fixed for a while now – to the extent that one of the products is running out and I’m upset because current circumstances dictate that […]

14th May 2014

The Reluctant Lippie. Part Two: Pinks

   By Laurin A few of the more pressing topics that have been on my mind this week include:   Why do my jeans smell like barnyard dust even though I washed them two days ago? Have my knickers been on inside-out all day? (Turns out yes, yes they have.) Oh hey, is that the guy I dated briefly last year who was in the open […]

30th April 2014

Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara

By Laurin My favourite mascara ever is any mascara I’ve been using for about six weeks. The purchase of a new make-up item brings with it a flutter of excitement in my stomach, and yet my heart never fails to sink when I open a new tube of mascara. Why? Because I know I’m about to spend five god-damned minutes that I don’t even have […]

7th April 2014

The Reluctant Lippie – Part One: Nudes

 By Laurin Despite being born during the Carter Administration, I’ve never really considered myself a grown-up. Grown-ups don’t buy their jewellery from H&M. They make well thought-out grocery lists on Saturday morning, and they have buildings insurance. They don’t anguish over maudlin 90’s music about what they want to BE when they grow up, because that’s what they already are. I, on the other hand, […]

12th March 2014

Alien Eau Extraordinaire: If It Ain't Broke …

By Laurin Oh, hey guys! It’s the second weekend in March, and the temperature in London has finally risen over 15 degrees.  As the bearer of a British passport, I’m required by law to completely overreact to any glimpse of sunlight by baring eye-popping amounts of flesh and loudly announcing “SUMMER IS HERE!” to anyone who will listen on social media. Summer most emphatically ISN’T here, and […]

4th March 2014

Nasomatto Black Afgano: Chasing the Dragon

By Laurin One of my favourite customers of recent weeks was a dapper young gentleman who had clearly just been bitten by the perfume bug. He was high on vetiver and giddy with tales from the Le Labo counter. I was immediately jealous of him in the same way that I’m jealous of people who have never watched Six Feet Under – that is, I […]

28th February 2014

Illamasqua Glamore Collection – Lips and Tips

By Laurin I don’t remember it myself, but my birth certificate tells me I entered this world in 1978. That makes me, Laurin Emily Taylor, 35 ½.  My mental age on the other hand clocks in somewhere around 80. I like early nights and stern disapproval and I’m counting the days until my physical age (and bank balance) allows me to genuinely rock a Chanel […]

20th February 2014

Parfumerie Générale Tubéreuse Couture 17

By Laurin Pierre Guillaume is a busy boy. Since the launch of his first perfume brand Parfumerie Générale in 2002, he has produced more than 73 different perfumes under three different brands. By my count, that’s an average of six per year, or one every two months. I once forgot to change my bed sheets for two months, so to say I’m impressed with this […]