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16th August 2012

Mavala Jeans for Genes Kit

Jeans for Genes day is a couple of months away yet (it happens in October every year, this year it is Friday October 5th), but it never hurts to be prepared, right?  This year, Mavala and BeautyBay have teamed up to provide an exclusive kit to raise funds for Jeans for Genes, and it’s a cracker. Consisting of a base coat, the Mavala Denim Blue […]

2nd August 2011

Mavala’s Elle Shades

If you’re a reader of Elle Magazine, then there’s a great freebie with the issue this month: a free bottle of Mavala polish!  I’m a big fan of the Mavala mini-bottles, and this is a great selection of shades.  You’ll get one of either Elle Red, Elle Grey or Elle Orange, I thought I’d show you a swatch of each, to help you make a […]

1st January 2010

Wonder Product – Mavala Nail Systems

  I don’t give things wonder product status very often – I’m fickle, and I get bored of products very, very easily.  Certainly, if I can’t see results from a product within a short time, then I stop using them, and, expecially when it comes to my nails, I’m lazy, so if I have to use a product, say, more than a couple of times […]

8th December 2009

Nail of the Day – Rococo Vayder

If you follow me on Twitter at all, then you might already know I’ve fallen for Rococo polishes in a big way.  Yes, they’re expensive, but all the ones I’ve tried are so pretty, and the wear on them is simply fantastic, usually at least five days without any signs of tip wear or chipping.  Here’s my latest purchase: It’s called Vayder and it’s an […]

9th November 2009

Nail of the Day – Mavala Tokyo

There won’t be too many Nail of the Day posts around here for a couple of reasons, the main one being that I’m lousy at applying it, and the other one is that I have truly dreadful nails that don’t grow, and when they do, the second I start to think they’re looking reasonable they start to split, peel, flake and then snap.  It’s very […]