2nd August 2011

Mavala’s Elle Shades

By Get Lippie

If you’re a reader of Elle Magazine, then there’s a great freebie with the issue this month: a free bottle of Mavala polish!  I’m a big fan of the Mavala mini-bottles, and this is a great selection of shades.  You’ll get one of either Elle Red, Elle Grey or Elle Orange, I thought I’d show you a swatch of each, to help you make a choice:

These are great shades, the red is a perfect classic red, pulling neither pink nor orange, the grey is a cool concrete shade, and the orange is BRIGHT.  My camera has dulled down the finish somewhat on the orange, but it’s probably my favourite of the bunch.  Swatches show three coats of red and orange, and two coats of grey.  No topcoat.

Elle’s Mavala shades will be free with the September issue of Elle, which is available now.  Which one will you get?

The Fine Print: PR samples.  I haven’t bought a printed magazine in years.  And it was probably Look In or something when I did.

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