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10th July 2016

Finishing Touches: LipsNspritz of the Week 8th July 2016

It’s been a mixed bag, fragrance-wise this week.  It’s ostensibly summer, but I can’t imagine anything less summery than this dark and dank July we’re having so far!  Like with the weather, my perfume choices have been a bit all over the place, too. Monday brought Tangerine Vert from Miller Harris, a herbal-fresh and zingy citrus that was perfect for blasting away those dreadful Monday […]

25th October 2015

#LipsNspritz 25.10.15

  I love instagram at the moment, and one of my favourite things I do on there is cataloguing my daily perfume and lipstick choices via the hashtag #LipsNspritz. Lipstick and perfume are really the final finishing touches to any outfit, and, whilst no one needs to know how boring my eyemakeup and dress-choices are every day (cardigans ROOL!), perfume and lipstick do add life […]

11th October 2015

#LipsNspritz of the week 11.10.15

Life would be dull indeed without lipstick and perfume, I’ve made it a mission this last month or so to document my entire lipstick and perfume “wardrobe”.  The idea is to wear every perfume and lipstick that I own, and post my thoughts on each on Instagram every day.  I’m trying to do it without repeats, but I’ve decided to allow myself the occasional one […]

25th January 2013

Wedding Preparation: Fragrance Profiling with Penhaligons

If you’ve read my last piece for Basenotes (Buying The Dress Was Easy …), then you’ll know that I’m having a hard time selecting my perfect wedding fragrance.  To that end, MrLippie and I found ourselves at the Covent Garden Penhaligons store a couple of weeks ago, to have a fragrance profile that might help us narrow down our choices. A service that’s open to […]

30th August 2012

Penhaligons Peoneve and Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Review

Two scents I’ve been really enjoying wearing lately are the lush floral Peoneve by Penhaligons, and the slightly astringent, green and very intriguing Blackberry & Bay by Jo Malone. If you’ve ever buried your face into a bunch of peonies,  you’ll know their blousy blossoms have a big juicy, lush and very pink scent.  Almost fruity, in fact, but delightfully fun and refreshing.  I adore […]