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11th October 2016

Philosophy Amazing Grace 20th Birthday Special Edition

The last time Amazing Grace appeared on this blog, I referred to it as an “anti-perfume”, the smell of clean laundry, and described it as perfect for people who don’t really like fragrance.  I stand by those things, but I also confess that I actually have a huge, sneaking, deep vat of love for it.  “Clean” fragrances are a not-so-secret vice of mine, the urge […]

17th April 2013

I want to: Smell Like a Hug …

 For all that I love my avant garde niche perfumes (and I do), there are days when all you want to do is smell loveable, the olfactory equivalent of a quick snuggle on the sofa.  For those days, all you need is musk, for musk is the scent of skin and so these are the products I pick: I’m a big fan of layering my […]

22nd January 2013

The Anti-Perfume: Philosophy Amazing Grace

After yesterdays boggling, something a little less controversial, I think. I like my perfumes big and strong (like I like my men, now I come to think of it*), so Philosophy Amazing Grace is a bit of a departure for me.  A light floral, with a clean musk base, it’s the antipathy of practically everything in my fragrance collection.  As such, I should hate it. […]

6th December 2012

Smells Like Christmas 4 – Philosophy Old Fashioned Eggnog

All this week, and next, I’m bringing you the best products to scent yourself and your home ready for the festive season. I’ve been boycotting Starbucks for years (seriously. Don’t ask), apart from twice a year, when they bring out their eggnog lattes.  I have one on the first day they’re available, and one on the last. For, whilst I loath their coffee, Starbucks is […]