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12th June 2016

Finishing Touches: #LipsNspritz of the Week, June 12 2016

Summer’s coming!  Summer’s coming!  Well, hopefully it is, anyway!  My tastes have certainly turned to the more summery this week, anyway.  I started with Caron’s My Lang (which gave me and my husband a Woody Guthrie ear worm for several days), which is a sophisticated and creamy sun-lotion kind of a scent, which I really liked from first sniff. More about this soon.  I’m also […]

6th March 2016

LipsNSpritz of the Week March 06 2016

 This week was an incredibly busy one – I’m an accountant by day, and I’m currently preparing for year end, plus preparing to move house, at the same time, because I am an idiot), so LipsNspritz took an accidental back seat this week.  That said, I did manage to wear some lovely ones: Monday was a Jo Malone London Vetiver Cologne day.  My (recovering!) parosmia […]

20th December 2015

LipsNspritz of the Week 20.12.15

Well, unlike last week, there were no hugely stunning nasal revelations, alas, but there was still a lot to love about LipsNspritz this time around, and one nice discovery, which is good.  If you’re wondering what LipsNspritz actually is, it’s my way of smelling something different every day in an attempt to cure my parosmia, and a way to force myself to actually wear ALL […]

6th December 2015

LipsNspritz of the Week 06.12.15

After spending last weekend doused in Tom Ford’s finest Black Orchid (albeit in the new Eau de Toilette version rather than the EdP), I was obviously stuck in a rather Tom Ford kind of groove for the early part of this week.   Monday brought Tom Ford Black Violet, a scent which I have always preferred to Black Orchid, for some reason (but it’s now discontinued), […]

1st December 2015

LipsNspritz of the Fortnight, Pt II

 This week, I basically took a “lucky dip” approach to my perfume and lipstick choices.  After three months and nearly 80 lipstick and perfume pictures, I realise I’m probably something like a quarter of the way through my fragrance collection, and possibly, maybe, a tenth (perhaps?) of the way through my lipsticks.  There’s a few months of this to go, yet, I think! Monday was […]

30th November 2015

LipsNspritz of the … er … Fortnight.

I hate being ill, and I really hate being ill to the extent that it interferes with my posting schedule.  Nonetheless, here’s a double-dose (whether you wanted it or not, frankly) of my weekly diary of lipstick and perfume-wearing.  The above pic is from the week ending 22/11/15. Monday was Etat Libre d’Orange Like This, alongside Chantecaille Lip Chic in Wild Rose.  Like This is […]

25th March 2015

Revlon Colourburst Balms

I do love a balm that stains, and I’ve been meaning to compare the formula of the new(er) Matte and Lacquer balms for a while now.  Me being me, I picked out the brightest shades from each, Romantic in the original Balm Stain formula, alongside Striking in Matte Balm, and Enticing in Lacquer Balm. Romantic is a softer strawberryish shade, whilst Striking has hints of […]

13th October 2014

Lipsticks of the (last) Week

Autumn is really kicking in now (anyone else put their central heating on? No?  Just me then?), so my lipsticks have taken a turn for the deeper and darker again … Here we have (l-r): Vincent Longo’s Americana, Guerlain KissKiss in Cherry Pink, Bare Minerals Lead The Way, Revlon Colourstay Opulent Garnet Revlon Colourstay Divin Port Wine OCC Matte Lip Tars in NSFW & Strumpet […]

18th August 2014

Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain: London Posh, India Intrigue, Barcelona Nights, Shanghai Sizzle and Parisian Passion

  By Get Lippie I do love it when a brand releases a new range of lipcolours, particularly when that range of shades is largely composed of brights.  Ach, there’s a few nudes, but we all know Get Lippie doesn’t really get the nude craze, so let’s just gloss over that, shall we? From left to right here we have: 050 London Posh, 001 India […]

7th April 2014

The Reluctant Lippie – Part One: Nudes

 By Laurin Despite being born during the Carter Administration, I’ve never really considered myself a grown-up. Grown-ups don’t buy their jewellery from H&M. They make well thought-out grocery lists on Saturday morning, and they have buildings insurance. They don’t anguish over maudlin 90’s music about what they want to BE when they grow up, because that’s what they already are. I, on the other hand, […]

16th September 2013

Raspberry Pie, Red Velvet and Backstage by Revlon

I *may* have done a little lipstick shopping last week … I’ve had the Red Velvet Lip Butter from Revlon for a while now, and I really like the texture and opacity, so I thought I’d splash out on Raspberry Pie too.  Then, well, a hand swatch showed backstage was the exact same shade as the handbag I was carrying so, well, you know … […]

28th April 2013

Lipsticks of the Week: Soft Reds

   It’s been a red kind of week, but I couldn’t face my usual bright “in your face” kind of shades, so softer, gentler, easier-wearing kinds of reds (and a pink) have dominated my look this week: From left to right we have: Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet – I’ve largely ignored the Revlon Lip Butter hype, as the colours have all been […]