9th June 2010

Review – Skin.NY Skincare

Remember this post? I had a little rant about the Utter Drivel that was written on the boxes, then said I’d be trying the creams out for six weeks, so I could see if they would turn me into Ava Gardner overnight.  Well, 28 nights, but you catch my drift … Well, I signed up to try them for six weeks, but I am here […]

26th May 2010

The Appliance of Science

“To not be afraid of one’s beauty is truly the rarest occurrence. To find it, is the most valuable gift” Words of wisdom there. I found them written on the side of a facecream I’ve just committed myself to using for the next six weeks. But more about these wise words shortly. Someone asked recently how do you know you’re trialling something properly, and how […]