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29th July 2016

Triple Dry Fresh Anti-Perspirant

I’m largely recovered from my parosmia now, which is a huge relief.  However, one of the few “joys” of a life-changing smell disorder was that not only couldn’t I smell myself, I couldn’t smell anyone else either, which made travelling on the tube during hot weather a more pleasant place for me than it did for … “normal” smellers!  Ironically, even though I’m almost entirely […]

6th February 2015

Triple Dry Anti-Perspirant

You may or may not know this, but I have a bit of a smell problem at the moment. No, not like that, but my parosmic condition means that I can’t smell myself (I can’t smell you, either, don’t worry), and not only can I not smell myself, I can’t smell any of the smells I produce, either.  Any of them.  Not a one.  No, […]