28th December 2009

Unhappy Badger (balm) …

By Get Lippie

I love me some Badger Balm – and so does Mr Lippie now I don’t flinch when I see his elbows coming anywhere near me! – so when the company left a comment on my original article and said they’d just made their last 1343 tins of the Chai Rose variety (my personal All Time Favourite of All Time), I immediately emailed them and asked how I could get hold of a couple of tins.

I just heard back from them. I can’t.  They’re not shipping them to any international distributors!  I’m actually now even more bitterly disappointed than I was when I realised they’d discontinued it in the first place!  I’ve got money, I can pay, but I’m slightly aggrieved that, once again, international fans of US products – I’m looking at you, Stila, Urban Decay, Zoya and a couple of other companies … SEPHORA –  tend to get the fuzzy end of the lollipop when it comes to getting products over here in the first place, or being excluded from special offers and twitter competitions and the like.

I still love Badger Balms, they’re second to not very many in their field … but, companies need to try not to get people’s hopes up, just to dash them badly. Unlike Chai Rose, it’s not a pleasant flavour.