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22nd September 2015

On being an “older” beauty blogger

    My name is Get Lippie. I’m 45, and I’m tired.  I’m tired of “older” being beauty industry shorthand for “ugly”.  I’m tired of being nagged about my age by the products I use.  I’m tired of constantly reading the same old (ha!) messages all the time which imply that the only quality women have worth venerating is “youth”.  I’m tired of toothpastes and […]

15th April 2013

Beauty Blogger Problems …

1)  Not having a laptop for three weeks will severely curtail your ability to post regularly. 2) Getting a new laptop with a vastly different keyboard layout will severely curtail your ability to write cheeo  ochersn coheerentlee proper.  Innit. 3) Forgetting where your camera cable is will severely curtail your ability to post photos. 4) Standing on samples kept in your jeans pocket will make […]

12th November 2012

Dear Evans Clothing & Hermes …

 (Warning, not really a beauty-related post, it contains intense self-deprecation, a bit of a rant, and some stupid acronyms.  If you want something a bit fluffy, might be best to look elsewhere today.  Also, it’s very long.  Might be best to read something else.  No, seriously, nothing to see here. Not really.) Dear Evans and Hermes, Your two companies are a match made in hell, […]

21st March 2011

Public Beauty

 I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit squeamish.  Also, I like to keep my beauty routines strictly between me and the bathroom mirror (for the purposes of this post, my blog doesn’t count, mmkay?).  So, when I spotted a booth – and I use the phrase lightly – offering tooth-whitening for the bargain basement price of £135 in my local shopping mall, I […]

18th October 2010


I buy a lot of cosmetics.  I buy a lot of cosmetics.  But a lot of things about buying cosmetics drive me crazy. Over-attentive shop assistants who hover over you, demanding to “help” whenever your eye wanders onto anything.  Under-attentive shop assistants who ignore anything resembling a buying signal, up to and including you saying “excuse me, can I get one of these please?” But […]

26th May 2010

The Appliance of Science

“To not be afraid of one’s beauty is truly the rarest occurrence. To find it, is the most valuable gift” Words of wisdom there. I found them written on the side of a facecream I’ve just committed myself to using for the next six weeks. But more about these wise words shortly. Someone asked recently how do you know you’re trialling something properly, and how […]

20th March 2010

(Not Quite) A Hair Disaster …

Was at the hairdresser yesterday, and this is the fruit of their labours.  It’s beautifully shiny, and I love how they dried my hair, although it dropped quite drastically on my rainy walk to the tube, but … well, I did NOT enjoy my salon experience all that much. I’ve mentioned before that I find trying new hairdressers a bit stressful, particularly when it comes […]

19th February 2010

Mission Statement?

I try not to  make Get Lippie political – I’ve said before, it’s all about the products and how they work as far as I’m concerned, but I thought I’d share this email exchange that took place today regarding a product that a PR firm wanted to see featured here my blog: “Hi Louise, Xxx from xXx here, I’m writing today to see if you […]

3rd February 2010

Organic Wednesday – A change from our usual programming.

In which Get Lippie goes off on one and hopes she’ll be forgiven … Here at Get Lippie, I have a lot of organic products, and I read a LOT of pseudo-scientific gubbins about why organic products are better than products that contain ingredients which are not organic. And, by and large, I take most  of these claims with a pinch of salt.  You can […]

28th December 2009

Unhappy Badger (balm) …

I love me some Badger Balm – and so does Mr Lippie now I don’t flinch when I see his elbows coming anywhere near me! – so when the company left a comment on my original article and said they’d just made their last 1343 tins of the Chai Rose variety (my personal All Time Favourite of All Time), I immediately emailed them and asked […]