21st March 2011

Public Beauty

By Get Lippie

 I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit squeamish.  Also, I like to keep my beauty routines strictly between me and the bathroom mirror (for the purposes of this post, my blog doesn’t count, mmkay?).  So, when I spotted a booth – and I use the phrase lightly – offering tooth-whitening for the bargain basement price of £135 in my local shopping mall, I was a bit horrified.

Ok, a lot horrified.

A shonky booth made of posters of unattainably white teeth, promising superb results in an hour or less, right between a set of escalators, and the entrance to Tesco for maximum footfall doesn’t strike me as the best place in the world to get your teeth seen to.  Now, I’m not saying they were cowboys (I didn’t catch the name of the company), but … what if something went wrong?  

Tooth whitening, whilst it’s taking place is not sexy, it’s not comfortable, and it can be a little painful – would you want people desperate to get at the Krispy Kreme stand, or going up the escalators looking on whilst you have your mouth clamped open?  Really?  You’re so vulnerable in the chair, would you want to be gawped at?

I’ve noticed that fish pedicures are becoming more commonplace in shopping centres too – please don’t get me started on those.  Putting aside my issues with feet for a minute, I can’t help thinking that fish pedicures are a bit … cruel to the fish.  But, why would you want to get your feet done openly in a shopping centre?

Anyhoo, I’m digressing a bit, and possibly being a little hypocritical because I have had beauty treatments in department stores, but things like manicures, and eyebrow threadings only.  Treatments unlikely to need medical attention if things go wrong, in other words.  The reason it costs so much in a dental surgery is that you’re paying for professional attention, and follow-up, things you’re unlikely to get in a shopping centre.

Am I wrong?  Would you be prepared to undergo the indignity for the chance of prettier teeth?  How far would you go in public to be “beautiful”?

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