19th February 2010

Mission Statement?

By Get Lippie

I try not to  make Get Lippie political – I’ve said before, it’s all about the products and how they work as far as I’m concerned, but I thought I’d share this email exchange that took place today regarding a product that a PR firm wanted to see featured here my blog:

“Hi Louise,

Xxx from xXx here,

I’m writing today to see if you would be interested in posting a new piece of video content on http://www.getlippie.blogspot.com/

XXX is a fun new campaign encouraging you to get creative, take a look at the video here: XXX.com

We can pay you to post this video, to sign up as a publisher and for payment please visit xxx.com

If you have any questions please get in touch.”
(emphasis mine)
My response was as follows:
“Hi Xxx

Thank you very much for getting in contact with Get Lippie.

Get Lippie does not feature sponsored posts, and nor do I accept payment for posts. Nor will I ever. I write about products I’ve tried and tested – 90% of which I buy myself for the purposes of review. All products, regardless of their source, are tested thoroughly, and the reviews posted on my site – good and bad – are, above all, honest and true. I also do not feature video content, and have no plans to do so.

I believe that the concept of paying bloggers to feature products (not to mention your requirement that the posting be in a specific format) to be a pernicious one, and one I have no interest to be involved with. Your products may be wonderful, and in fact I have tried them already, but I will be unable to be involved in this particular project at this time.

Again, I thank you for your interest in Get Lippie. I assure you that if your product is mentioned on my blog in the future, my review will be honest, thorough, in the format of my choosing, and I will NOT have been paid to feature them.”

I’m reprinting it here as I thought it was as good as a mission statement.  What do you think about the concept of brands paying for posts?


It’s been pointed out by another blogger (quite rightly) that my posting appears to misrepresenting what the email is actually asking people to do. I’m happy to make clear, and put right, that this email isn’t asking for paid endorsement of a product, that it is in fact a request to rent “ad-space” on the blog. Whilst I’m more than happy to put that miscomprehension right – and I’m happy to have been corrected! – the above is still a genuine email conversation, and it was based on how *I* interpreted the request at the time it was put to me (actually I feel that the email from the company involved could have been much better-written to make their intent clear. But, then I would!), as such, I stand by my comments with regard to paid posts, and would like to make clear that my reply to the agency involved would still have been in the negative, for a variety of other reasons. Other people can, and will, feel differently. That’s the beauty of blogging!

The foregoing post is merely a statement of *my* intent on *my* blog at this time.