26th February 2010

I fear the tangerine …

By Get Lippie

(With sincere spologies to my Scottish readers!)

Spring is in the air, have you noticed?  I’m serious!  The last couple of days have definitely been a bit warmer, and I no longer feel the need to wrap up like the Michelin woman to consider leaving the sofa.

With that in mind, as the weather has made me think about warmer times, I’ve been gently warming my makeup looks up a bit.  Now, I fear fake tan.  Genuinely, and sincerely, fear the stuff. Never use it. I always think I’m going to end up looking like this:

Only, you know, with boobs. And better hair.  And … oh you get the idea!

So, to warm up my colouring – and move slightly away from the taupe-rut (sorry, taupe “signature look”) I’ve been in lately, I’ve been dusting myself with this:

YSL Poudre de Soleil in #1, Light Sun. It’s a really nice, not too shimmery (though there is a hint, a very faint hint of gold shimmer in there), not too orange bronzing powder. At differing times, I use this as a blusher, a contour powder, an eyeshadow, and occasionally as a bronzer.  I’ve even used it as a face powder, it’s that versatile. It’s very pale, and so suitable for my currently pale-blue skin.  Come summer I’ll be my more usual pale-custard shade, and I’ll probably be using this a bit more often than my beloved Cargo Illuminator in wind, which is a good bit pinker, and a fair bit more sparkly, and so has been a wonder for the winter, but it’ll be too pink for me come summer.  The Poudre de Soleil lasts a long time, I’ve used mine a lot (and it’s quite elderly now) and I’ve still yet to “hit pan”.

Speaking of pinker and more sparkly things, I bought this recently too, the Palette Y-Mail face highlighter in the pearly finish:

I admit, the packaging suckered me in, it has it’s own little handbag!

Too cute. Now, I love the shade, the beige is lovely, the pink is radiant.  But the pearl. Oh, the pearl is a beautiful colour, but it’s packed with chunks of glitter that I didn’t notice either in the store, or the first time I used it.

Glitter is not radiance!  It’s a menace! Okay, the powder isn’t in the same league as Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowboy, but it is very definitely there, and I’m not entirely sure it needs to be.  I had been hoping it was an overspray, but it appears to be throughout the pearl-shade. It’s still lovely – and I’m really glad I picked it up – but you do need a light hand when you’re swirling your brush over the pearl to avoid the dreaded glittery face-dandruff effect. You might love glitter, but … it’s something I expect in cheaper products, to be honest. Still a beautiful powder, but the glitter cheapens the effect they were going for, I feel.  Beautiful compact to carry around for glamorous touch-ups during the day though.

The last couple of days, I’ve just worn the bronzer on my cheeks with a swirl of the highlight on my cheekbones and over my eyelids, with a dash of mascara and a touch of lipgloss, and it’s a very quick, simple and polished look.

Do you own any YSL? What do you love from the range? What’s your spring makeup like?