25th February 2010

Nail of the Day – LA Colour Antique Burgundy

By Get Lippie

LA Colour Antique Burgundy While I was sorting out my nail polish drawer the other day, searching for a perfect red after the Crimsun debacle of last week, I pulled out all my Chanel reds – truly, I believe Chanel do the best reds, in either lipstick or polish – but this little beauty caught my eye. And I use the word beauty advisedly, as I LOVE this shade, it’s a red jelly finish with just a teeny hint of gold shimmer, making it look like a really expensive metallic car paint job on the nails. LA Colour Antique Burgundy 2 Neither of the pictures really do it justice, I’m afraid. They show three coats over a Mavala base, with a Seche Vite top coat. It’s a pure, clear red that doesn’t shade either pink or orange, and there’s no hint of blue in it.  I think it’s about the nicest, prettiest red I own, and it’s one I think really suits the skin-tone on my fingers. Oh, the best thing about this polish?  It  cost me 99p. Now, when you bear in mind that I’m happy to pay £11 for a polish, and indeed, I’ve paid £16 for polishes before now, I think you can understand how happy this little baby has made me!  I got mine from Beauty Base in Westfield, but I think you can find LA Colours at places like Savers. My nail drawer now looks like this by the way, whaddya think? IMG_0408