23rd April 2010

Clinique Anti-Blemish Foundation

By Get Lippie

This post is a promotional feature.

Okay, I very rarely feature products before I’ve tested them, but I’m making an exception for this one. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Clinique’s patent 3-step skin-care system, but I’ve always liked their cosmetics, and I believe their spot-care range (can you call it that? You know what I mean, I’m sure) is second to none.

Certainly, when I first developed adult-onset acne at around the age of 27 or so, I found that their spot-clearing gel was one of the few things that helped clear my zits up.  I found adult acne a profoundly depressing experience, not helped by some profoundly insensitive friends making jokes about it, and I hated that most cosmetic ranges were either targeted at the already beautifully smooth skinned, or were for spotty teenagers and were simply guaranteed to wreck my already – by that time – hyper-sensitive skin.

Anyway, what I’m getting around to mentioning is that Clinique have brought out an Anti-Blemish Foundation, which promises to feel fresh and natural, AND help clear “blemishes”.  What I wouldn’t have given for a foundation like this a few years ago! I used to cake (and I do mean cake) myself in Estee Lauder Double Wear, and the heaviest layers of powder I could manage, and hope no one would notice the crater face underneath! Here’s a video featuring an independent makeup artist showing some hints on how to use the latest release from Clinique’s foundation stable.  Please take a look:

Now, I’ve noticed that my skin is going through one of it’s periodic “insane” stages, meaning a crop of breakouts is, sadly, one the way – I can already feel a couple of humdingers cropping up on my jawline, so I’m going to be giving this foundation a go for a couple of weeks. Want to join me and let me know how you get along – and I’ll be grateful to hear from anyone else who’s already tried the product! – then click here to buy yours.