6th May 2010

Chanel Ombre D’eau

By Get Lippie

I don’t see these very often around the blogosphere, and I wonder why that is? I find them very easy to use, and  60: Sand (on the right)is very often my default eyeshadow for applying a slick of over the lid for those “can’t be bothered” days.  If I want something a bit more sludgy, then I’ll pop a little of 100 Torrent over the mobile lid too, and blend them both together. There is a doe-foot applicator in the bottle, and they have a tendency to settle if you leave them alone for a day or two.  It’s easily remedied though, just give them a shake, and the ball-bearing in the bottle will re-mix them for you.  They’re basically a pigment in a water base, which means they’re very cooling to apply, and leave a good depth of colour behind.

These aren’t quite as budgeproof as the shadows I showed you yesterday, but they do stay put with a minimum of creasing, without a base, for around 10 hours, which is great. They do contain shimmer though, so if you’re looking for a matte finish, they’re probably not the shadows for you.  Here’s how they swatch:

One word of advice, they do dry very fast, so blend as quickly as you can! What’s your default makeup for those “can’t be bothered” days?

The Fine Print: Yup, bought these too.  Man, I love me some Chanel.  Wanna see my whole collection?