8th May 2010

Organic Weekend – 100% Organics

By Get Lippie

 A guest review for you this week, please welcome Charlie from Lady of the Lane:

A little while ago Louise asked me if I fancied doing a skincare guest review for her and I jumped at the chance. 100% Organics products are all made by hand on a Cornish Farm. Every oil and extract used is naturally produced and  they don’t use processes that release harmful by-products. Nothing is tested on animals and all products are vegetarian friendly.

The products are designed to be suitable for all skin types.

Given all the above I was keen to give it a go and Louise sent over a full size lip balm plus sample sizes of the cleanser, toner & moisturiser.

The lip balm smells nice, ingredients include sweet orange oil, coconut oil & lavender oil. Sadly though, this isn’t for me. It’s far too greasy. I just don’t like the feel of it on my lips.

The cleanser surprised me when I opened up the tin. It looks just like the lip balm! Unperturbed though I carried on. I didn’t find it terribly easy to spread around my face but it wasn’t a nightmare either… you then leave the product on for 1-2 minutes and remove using either the toner or water on cotton wool. I’m not keen on the smell at all but there’s lots of nice ingredients, like jojoba, lavender, evening primrose & tea tree. I found that it dissolved my make up really well. I couldn’t use the toner to remove it though, it would have taken far too much toner and I only had a tiny sample bottle. I used water and a muslin cloth to remove it.

The toner is the only product in the range that isn’t 100% organic because it contains water. Ingredients include grapefruit seed extract, witch hazel, chamomile and orange floral water. Sadly I found the smell of this product awful. I simply had to stop using it. I thought it was me until my husband asked me a couple of times what “that funny smell is”. I thought it smelled of cowpats and outdoors, my husband didn’t agree, he thought it smelled medicinal, so go figure!

Lastly, the moisturiser. Well imagine my shock when opening the tin to find not a cream but another pot looking identical to the lip balm. This was really testing my conventional ideas about moisturisers, but being the game old bird I am I gave it a go. I used a tiny amount and spread it all over. Imagine covering your face in scented grease. Actual grease. It did actually absorb fully eventually but rarely do I have the time to wait half an hour or longer. Plus again I found the smell really awful. Lovely ingredients, jojoba, marigold, rose, evening primrose. I normally love the smell of natural things but not this. Also, just too greasy for me, took too long to absorb.

After three days of using morning and evening I couldn’t stomach the smell anymore and I’ve stopped using it. I’m sorry 100% Organics, I wanted to love you and support a small company but you’re just not for me sadly.