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19th June 2010

Organic Weekend – Madara Eco Cosmetics

Madara is Latvian for Cleaver  – a plant that features a great deal in Madara cosmetics.  Launched four years ago, Madara have released a capsule range of skin care and cosmetics concentrating on plant and herbal extracts which have weathered the short Latvian summers and  the long, long Baltic winters. Prettily packaged – a nice change for an organic range! So many of them you […]

13th June 2010

Organic Weekend – Pat & Rub

I’m featuring another one of my finds from the Natural and Organic Product Show this weekend, Pat & Rub Relaxing Hand Balm. This is what P&R say about their products: The plant ingredients that make up our recipes are responsibly cultivated, unprocessed and 100% natural. They contain none of the following, found in many skincare products: mineral oil and other petroleum derivative: paraffin and vaselin […]

7th June 2010

Pedicures – Heaven or Hell?

Feet freak me out.  It’s a sad fact, but true, and they’ve always given me the willies (so to speak).  I can deal with the fact that I have feet, but, well, just don’t talk to me about them, don’t show me pictures of them, and don’t, whatever you do, touch my feet unexpectedly.  More than once, when my mum was training to be a […]

29th May 2010

Organic Weekend – Melvita Guest Reviews

A couple of months ago, I asked for some volunteers to try some products that didn’t agree with me.  Both of the products came from Melvita, but with my dry, sensitive gel-resistant skin, I thought it would be better to get them tested by people they really suited.  Here’s what MakeupbyKaty and DinkyLondon made of their products: MakeupbyKaty tried the Foaming Facial Scrub: When the […]

15th May 2010

Organic Weekend – Une Natural Beauty from Bourjois

I do love me a bit of Bourjois, long one of my favourite High Street brands, I was delighted to find out recently that they were launching a new range of affordable organic cosmetics!  Already available in a few Boots stores around the country (London readers, you can find your nearest stand in the Oxford Street branch), it’s making it’s official debut on the Boots […]

14th May 2010

Organic Weekend – Bulldog Eco-System Shave Gel

MrLippie’s been dying to get some more review action in, so it’s a double-whammy of organic goodness for you this weekend (I have something rather lovely to show you tomorrow, so stay, er, browsed!).  Again, this is a sample I picked up at the Natural and Organic Product show recently, and I made the boy change his shaving habits for a while to try it […]

8th May 2010

Organic Weekend – 100% Organics

 A guest review for you this week, please welcome Charlie from Lady of the Lane: A little while ago Louise asked me if I fancied doing a skincare guest review for her and I jumped at the chance. 100% Organics products are all made by hand on a Cornish Farm. Every oil and extract used is naturally produced and  they don’t use processes that release […]

25th April 2010

Lippie Chat – Nicola Elliot NEOM Luxury Organics

As it is my first “Organic Weekend”, I thought this month’s Lippie Chat would be with the founder of one of the loveliest organic ranges I’ve found recently: NEOM.  Please welcome Nicola Elliot, who has very kindly agreed to take part this month. Hi Nicola, can you tell us a bit about yourself?  Originally from Yorkshire I moved to London to pursue a career as […]

24th April 2010

Organic Weekend – Natural & Organic Products Europe Show

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to attend the Natural & Organic Products Europe (NOPE) show at Olympia, as a guest of Balm Balm, who you’ve heard me talk about on several occasions before. Dedicated to bringing together the brightest and the best of organic and natural products, NOPE is a trade show, which allows brands to showcase their wares to interested […]

21st April 2010

Wherefore Art Thou Organic Wednesday?

A few people have been wondering where Organic Wednesday is … well, it’s gone walkabout!  I was too ill to post much last week, which is why it didn’t happen then, but don’t worry! It is coming back, just not today, sorry! That is because I’m moving my organic slot to Saturdays from now on (for reasons far too boring to go into here), and […]